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October 25, 2021

Udrea, the first interview since being released: Preventive arrest , a tool to torture people, but also a tool for some people to build an image

On Sunday evening, at the TV show “The Last Word”, Elena Udrea granted her first interview since being released from prison and moved to house arrest.

During the interview, the former Minister discussed conditions in the penitentiary and revealed that arrest, preventive or in the penitentiary, changes your mindset a lot, mostly due to the lack of the scarcest conditions, especially for women.

Moreover, Elena Udrea pointed out that she considered that the Head Prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi, has gained popularity based on Udrea’s arrest.

The former candidate to presidential elections confessed exclusively for B1 TV that she expected to be arrested for a very long time, yet she was unaware why, mentioning that everything that happened during the presidential campaign was orchestrated againsy her.

Also, Elena Udrea admitted that throughout the three month she had spent under arrest, nobody asked her to make any denunciations, mentioning that she was the stake herself.

Udrea also added that she would file a complaint at ECHR against preventive arrest.

The ex-Minister mentioned that she was not surprised by the support granted to her by former President Traian Basescu, mentioning that he had known her for a long time and that he had known that there were certain things Udrea would never do.

Elena Udrea also explained her controversial gesture in the Parliament. The ex-Minister revealed that putting her finger on her nose was a way of transmitting a beloved person that she was feeling fine.

Because entering Udrea’s apartment in the Stejarii Residence Area with recording cameras was not allowed, no live broadcast with Udrea at home was made. The interview was on the phone.


Ms. Kovesi gained popularity from by arrest


Preventive arrest is a tool destined to torture people and to determine them to declare even crimes they had not committed, but also a tool for some people to build an image, Elena Udrea, declared, mentioning that, by the last category, she was mostly hinting at Head of DNA Laura Codruta Kovesi.

“I think that the start was initiated and now I see that all people who can decide on other people’s freedom are attempting to build an image by this preventive arrest of anyone who may be targeted by a certain law. I aw that ANAF as well, and many more are trying to conduct arrest and to empower their image by this new tool, preventive arrest, under the circumstances that a person placed under preventive arrest, regardless of how much satisfaction this decision brings to mos citizens, is a person presumed as innocent. You cannot arrest anyone without a sentence by Court, it is a preventive decision, and it is adopted based on someone’s lack of popularity. Now I see that Kovesi and ICCJ are competing on who arrests most people. I think that the only use of this preventive arrest is to terrorize people and to determine them either to admit crimes they have committed – and, in this case, let us say that there was moral responsibility in the pressure put upon them – but preventive arrest is also an instrument to make people admit crimes they have not committed or to denounce people who are targeted; things the Prosecutors need to know and need to discover,” Elena mentioned in the telephone interview for B1 TV.

She outlined that among the persons that attempt to build an image, there was also Laura Codruta Kovesi, and added that she did not outrule the possibility that Kovesi might run for a public position at a certain moment.

“I must admit that, by targeting Elena Udrea, the made the right option in a strategy to build herself an image. I recognize and assume that I was not able to provide public opinion a balanced image. I think that I was a good Minister, but, regardless of that, high heel shoes and designer bags have frequently shadowed my performance as a Minister. Arresting Elena Udrea brings you the sympathy of people who hate Elena Udrea. Certainly, by arresting me, Ms. Kovesi gained a massive popularity boost, as I saw in opinion polls. What would she do with this popularity? I have no idea. I do not know whether she would ever run for a public position and I personally do not outrule the possibility”, Udrea added.

Recently released from preventive arrest, she announced that she would submit a complaint at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), on the fact that the Romanian state fails to provide decent conditions to persons deprived of prison and kept under arrest.


I was aware that I would be arrested for a long time, yet, I was unaware why.


Elena Udrea declared in for telephone intervention for the show “The Last Word”, broadcast by B1 TV, that she had known for a very long time that she would be arrested, yet, she did not know the reason.

“One thing is for sure. I did not appear in this situation until February 2, three days after I had submitted a denunciation personally. People must know that I have not been accused of anything in the “Bute Gala” file until February 2. Everything that happened in this presidential campaign was arranged against me.

At the time of the arrest, I was a mere Deputy. Everybody knows that I have been in the proximity of power for ten years. It is obvious that, from the respective position, I know a lot of things. Actually, many people know a lot of things, but few people have the guts to tell them. After I have said a few things, I was arrested, and many people have said: “Congratulations, send Udrea to jail”, Udrea declared.

The ex-Minister also pointed out that, when she exposed what she knew, she got herself an arrest.

“I exposed what I knew while I was free. The consequence was that I was arrested. For Elena Udrea, it does not matter whether she is under preventive arrest or a prison convict. I was handcuffed. I think that I could write a book with half of the things I have said. I am not an irresponsible person and I do not intend to tell them. There are things that must be kept secret. This is why I apologized to anyone I have challenged, because I thought it was enough to be a really good Minister and I did not think about the fact that times were tough and few people afford a comfortable life”, Udrea also added.


I was not surprised by Traian Basescu’s support. He knows me for ten years, he knows precisely what I would never do.


The Ex-Minister of Tourism and Regional Development also declared that she was not surprised by the support of ex-President Traian Basescu, mentioning that the former Head of the State knew what she “would never do”.

“I am not surprise because he knows me; perhaps, he knows me best. The fact that he believed in me and in the fact that I did not take that bag of money impressed me. I was overjoyed. He knows me for ten years, and knows precisely what I would never do.”

Moreover, the ex-Minister also declared that justice was still efficient and proved this point by the fact that she was released from Targsor Penitentiary. Moreover, Udrea pointed out that the legal system is led by the same people who were leading it ten years ago, mentioning that “even if some people were very happy that Udrea was arrested, it did not mean justice was made.”

“As long as I was able to leave preventive arrest, justice still works. If there are excesses – and there are excesses, if there are abuses – and there are abuses – it is of utmost importance to encourage justice. People leading justice today are the ones who had led it for the last ten years. During the 72 days I had spent in prison, I had watched TV a lot. You cannot say that they are different people. The fact that Elena Udrea was arrested, even if it made some people very happy, does not mean that justice was made”, Udrea declared.



The sign with the finger on the nose was for a close person. It meant I was fine.


Elena Udrea explained on Sunday evening, at the show “The Last Word” on B1 TV, the mystery of the sign with the finger on the nose. The ex-Minister mentioned that it was a gesture she had made so that a person she loved would know she was fine and dealing with the pressure she had to face.

“It was a private gesture. It was for somebody very close to me and it meant I was fine. I received a message while I was there and the sign meant that I had read it, I cannot reply, but I am fine. It was a gesture I exercised to announce I was well”, Elena Udrea declared.


PNL leaders feel protected by DNA, as they are from Iohannis’ party


“I have seen so many hypocrites and demagogues in the public space. Now, I am looking at PNL members, they feel protected and this is why they are so loud. PNL leaders feel protected from the actions of DNA and of  prosecutors because they are members of Iohannis’ party, the President’s party”, Udrea also mentioned in the phone interview granted on Sunday evening for TV station B1.


I am definitely not pregnant.


Because the way Elena Udrea looked at the exit of the arrest was a topic for rumours, even the gossip that she might be pregnant, the ex-Minister wanted to clear out these speculations. She admitted that she might have gained some weight due to the lack of possibility to train physically, but denied being pregnant.

“If I had had impeccable looks while leaving prison, I would have been criticized that I looked good. If I left while looking neglected, it was bad as well. The room you are supposed to go when you need some privacy is a pathetic room of 20 square metres. I attempted to do some exercise. If some people thought I was pregnant, it probably meant that I gained some weight. No, I am definitely not pregnant”, Udrea declared for B1TV.

Ex-Minister Elena Udrea was released from Targsor Penitentiary and moved to house arrest after the High Court reached a definitive decision on Thursday, replacing the measure of preventive arrest with house arrest in the “Gala Bute” file.

On April 30, Elena Udrea was transferred to the Penitentiary in Targsor, Prahova County, from the Bucharest Police Central Arrest Department, where she had been imprisoned on February 25.

DNA prosecutors sent the “Bute Gala” file to Court on April 21 and, at the first meeting, ICCJ judges maintained the measure of preventive arrest for Udrea, Obreja and Breazu. The decision was appealed and, on Thursday, another panel of judges from ICCJ decided to definitively place the defendants under house arrest.

Ex-Minister Elena Udrea is accused of abuse of office in organizing the “Gala Bute” event, with the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism and, respectively, by bribe taking in several public contracts funded by the same Ministry.


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