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February 3, 2023

Head of DNA teaches Moldavians how to fight with corruption

The Head of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi, will make a working visit to the Republic of Moldova next week at the invitation of Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici.

According to a press release issued by the Government, the visit was demanded under the circumstances that Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici has announced several initiatives against corruption, including the stimulation of reform in the institutions protecting application of laws: the General Prosecutor’s Office, the National Integrity Committee (CNI), the National Anti-Corruption Directorate. The invitation was made as part of a telephone conversation Chiril Gaburici had had with Victor Ponta.

“We are highly determined to confront corruption at all levels, and Romania is a positive example to the Republic of Moldova, in this chapter. This is why we think that direct conversations with the Head of DNA and the presentation of efficient struggle practices with corruption in Romania will encourage authorities to be more determined in the action they are about to take, in order to annihilate the phenomenon of corruption in all systems”, Chiril Gaburici, declared in his phone conversation with his Romanian counterpart Victor Ponta.

In Kishinev, DNA leader Laura Codruta Kovesi will meet the Head of DNA,  Viorel Chetraru, CNI President Anatolie Donciu, Justice Minister Vladimir Grosu, Internal Affairs Minister Oleg Balan, as well as other high officials in the field of Justice.

Soon, the Republic of Moldova will be visited by a team of experts, led by the ex-President of Georgia, Mikhail Saakasvili, presently the adviser of Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko, who is also experienced in implementing reforms and fighting corruption at all level, the press release of the Government in Kishinev also announces.

Romanian Ambassador to Kishinev Marius Lazurca declared at the beginning of April, in an interview for Europa Libera that there is a great collaboration of all institutions combating corruption in Romania with those of the Republic of Moldova, and that the National Anti-Corruption Directorate “has already crossed Prut river”. Asked how he commented on the advice  of several forces in the Republic of Moldova who demand: “DNA, cross Prut river!”, Marius Lazurca declared: “I would like to tell those who demand DNA to cross Prut river that it already did.”



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