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January 31, 2023

PNL Senator Quintus reassures PDL: ‘Predoiu will be the Prime-Minister’

PNL Honorary President Mircea Ionescu Quintus is trying to reassure the Democrat-Liberals after the things Teodor Atanasiu said about the government and future premier over the weekend.

Quintus said that the Liberals fulfil their commitments and that the opinion of PBL Vice-President Teodor Atanasiu ‘in no way could bind the party’ and noted that if the party won the election and was in the situation of setting up the government, Catalin Predoiu would be the Prime-Minister.

‘I know Mr. Atanasiu well and for a long time, I have respected him as a reliable person. He admits to some of those mistakes. Even if he has reconsidered it, knowing it’s always a good thing when someone comes back to their senses, I do no mean to discuss his mistake or attitude. I can see that the seriousness and honesty of PNL are on the line and this is why I wanted to step in and say that, under the Statute, only the president may speak for the party and engage responsibility. Any other statements are made under special circumstances but I think that Mr. Atanasiu’s opinion can in no way bind the party and I want to say to my colleagues from the former PDL that we know how to keep our commitments, that, if the party wins and is in a situation where it needs to set up a government, I as the honorary president of the party, guarantee that the Prime-Minister will be Mr. Predoiu’, Mircea Ionescu Quintus said on Realitatea TV Monday night.

The PNL honorary president noted that he was one of the PNL fundamentalists and ‘all of us voted for the merger with PDL and we respect both our vote and the will of the party. No one should doubt the honesty of our party’.

As for the moment when PNL comes to power, Quintus said that would be when the party could save the country from its serious situation.

‘I think the party should come to power when it can provide a ruling majority. A government without parliament, as it happened to our party at some stage is not good and I think our government must be effective and good for the country, for our Liberal colleagues and the entire Romanian people. We should only come to power when we can save the country from its serious situation’, said the honorary president of PNL.

A recording was published by the mass-media during the weekend where PNL Vice-President Teodor Atanasiu was criticising the ex-PDL wing of the new party, advocating the ousting of the old Democrat-Liberals starting with Vasile Blaga and Catalin Predoiu.


PNL still boiling


Although PNL heads publicly claim that there is no conflict between the PNL and former PDL factions, new information have ‘leaked’ from the most recent meeting on Monday. Based on the transcripts presented by Romania TV, PNL number two Marian Petrache reproached the PDL colleagues that they did not attend meeting for months and that time all of them came ‘in a pack’.  Alina Gorghiu: ‘It is regrettable what happened, I apologise on behalf of Teo Atanasiu. But I don’t think it would be good for Teo to come out and present his apologies publicly, because he would confirm some private discussions’.

Teodor Atanasiu: ‘I have nothing to apologise for, what does it matter what I say in a private environment?!? I spoke for one and a half hour and the media just gave one minute of that. To me it seems more interesting to find out who gave the recording to the press. We all know who is behind the website where it appeared.’

Cezar Preda: ‘I think Mr. Atanasiu should take a step back. That would also be a signal to anyone in the country who may think about doing something like that’.

Alina Gorghiu: ‘Vasile, to be honest, people are unhappy everywhere! The issues Teo raised are absolutely genuine. For example, why don’t you want us to build a majority in the Senate?’

Vasile Blaga: ‘Negotiation is one thing, people actually coming is a different thing. In addition, has anyone from PNL come without me having talked to them before?!’

Marian Petrache: Our cooperation is down. You don’t attend meetings for months and now you have all come in a pack’.



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