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August 12, 2022

CSAT’s notification by CSM regarding the magistrates’ check-up seems like a good topic, says President Iohannis

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday labeled as “a good topic” the Superior Council of Magistracy’s (CSM) request addressed to the Supreme Council for Country’s Defence (CSAT) to allow a verification of the magistrates with a view to investigate into the possibility they were officers undercover of one of the intelligence services.

Asked whether he was going to list the topic among the items on the daily agenda of the CSAT, Iohannis answered: “Yes, it seems like a good topic to me. I for one don’t know about the existence of such undercover officers among the magistrates, since this is banned by the law. However, if the CSM has in its possession some good clues in respect to the matter, obviously that is in my interest and in Romania’s interest to try to elucidate the matter.”

The Supreme Council of Magistrates on Wednesday decided to notify the CSAT about its intention to have all the magistrates go through a check-up, in order to establish whether there are any undercover officers of any of the intelligence services among them, the representatives of the CSM told Agerpres..

The members of the Council also agreed to submit to the CSAT all the authentic statements made by the judges and the prosecutors in relation to this matter.

The CSM plenum also discussed at its Wednesday session the request of the National Union of Judges in Romania to initiate “all the necessary procedures” for a check up of possible undercover officers and their elimination from magistracy and even asked for clarifications in this respect from the Romanian Intelligence Service [SRI].


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