Liviu Dragnea: “I will say everything after Referendum Case ruling on Friday”

On May 15, High Court of Justice (ICCJ) magistrates will present their ruling in the case in which Liviu Dragnea and 70 other persons are accused of committing fraud during the impeachment referendum in 2012. Prosecutors have asked the court to adopt an executory jail sentence against Dragnea.

The Development Minister stated in Craiova on Thursday that he is nervous and that he continues to claim he is innocent. “Yes, I am nervous for tomorrow. It’s natural. First of all because I continue to strongly believe I am innocent and, likewise, I believe that if, God-forbid, there is a different decision, then a dangerous precedent would be set because from that moment on nobody will have the courage to organize an electoral campaign,” Dragnea stated for stiripesurse.ro.

At the same time, the PSD leader pointed out that he has refrained from making compromising statements so far in this case and he will wait patiently one more day, but he will say everything after tomorrow’s verdict. “Just like I waited two and a half years and I abstained from making comments, I will wait until tomorrow and I will talk after tomorrow’s decision,” Liviu Dragnea added.

The minister stated on Wednesday that he looks forward to Friday’s decision, pointing out that in case of an unfavourable decision he will step down from all positions held but that he hopes the decision will be positive for him. Asked what his expectations are, Dragnea said: “In what concerns Friday, I will wait that day just like you wait for it, with mixed feelings. I will abstain from making comments until Friday, just like I have done for a little over two years now. I’m looking forward to it.”

Asked what he would do with the positions he holds if the decision is unfavourable, Dragnea said they “would be no more.” “You know very well the answer to this question. They (the positions – editor’s ntoe) will be no more. It’s normal. Let us hope however that it won’t be the case, I hope it will be a good ruling for me and for the truth,” Dragnea added.

Last week the Supreme Court postponed for one week, until May 15, its ruling in the case in which Minister Liviu Dragnea and more than 70 other persons are on trial for fraud committed during the 2012 referendum on the impeachment of President Traian Basescu.

The prosecution asked the court to adopt an executory jail sentence against Liviu Dragnea, without mentioning its severity.

In his final speech before the judges, Liviu Dragnea stated that in his opinion the accusations brought against him “start off from a mistaken and dangerous premise for Romania.”

The Supreme Court registered on 7 October 2013 the “Referendum Fraud” case in which Liviu Dragnea and 74 other persons were arraigned, court proceedings starting on November 15 that year.

Liviu Dragnea, PSD Secretary General at the time, was charged with using his influence or authority offered by his position of leadership within the party in order to obtain undue benefits for himself or for others.


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