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October 26, 2021

PNL and PSD quarrel over corruption

PSD wants to become a teacher of morality and against corruption whilst protecting its own MPs with efforts worthy of a better cause, using all the procedural tricks for protecting Dan Sova, said PNL spokesman Ionut Stroe. By that he answered PSD who had urged PNL Co-president Alina Gorghiu to suspend the President of Iasi County Council, Cristian Adomnitei, from all positions held. Cristian Adomnitei is currently investigated into in a corruption case, subject to a probation order.

‘After over a month when PSD has mobilised next to all its allies, using all the tricks of procedure for protecting Dan Sova, today Romania lives the impossible: PSD wants to become the morality and anti-corruption teacher whilst protecting its own MPs with efforts worthy of a better cause. The party that every week legitimises the blocking of DNA requests with its votes and public rhetoric, that promotes through all voices measures and laws that de facto stop anticorruption efforts, the party that has created a negative brand in our politics – ‘Black Tuesday’ – has found time to lecture others on integrity’, says the Liberal spokesperson.

He also notes that, unfortunately, integrity to PSD was still a logo as long as all internal reform measures announced had been a simulacrum, never genuinely assumed by the leadership, and PSD’s decisions in the matter were indefinitely postponed, everything is a mere show for the eyes of the public.

The Liberal says PSD needs to reform itself in its depth before evaluating its partners of political competition.

‘At the same time, PNL voted for and firmly assumed clear integrity criteria that are based on the principle of equality before the law. The PNL Statute says that any member of the party is automatically suspended, even if on preventive arrest. We could not see the measure for example in Gheorghe Nichita’s case, who continues to be a member of PSD. I note that, in Cristian Adomnitei’s situation, a member of PNL, the judge only placed him under a probation order. In all recent cases where its members have been concerned, PNL took a decisive and swift action. We cannot say the same thing about PSD, who has constantly found modalities to shirk from the problem in the most recent Sova and Ochi cases and going long into the past, something that ahs unfortunately been often noted by the embassies of our partners in the democratic community. We recommend the ladies and gentlemen sent by Victor Ponta to cause scandal to first try and deal with the PSD internal dilemmas on corruption and stop the powerful campaign carried out by their party against justice and rule of law through many parliamentary actions designed to limit the prosecutors’ competence’, Stroe also says.

PSD Spokeswoman Gabriela Podasca had previously announced that PSD was calling on PNL Co-president Alina Gorghiu to suspend Iasi CJ President Cristian Adomnitei from all positions held, as he was on probation, investigated in a corruption affair.

Given the fact that the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) has started criminal action against the President of Iasi County Council, Cristian Adomnitei, and his probation order, the Social Democratic Party is urging Alina Gorghiu, as Co-president of the National Liberal Party, to suspend Adomnitei from all the positions he currently holds in the party. (…) That would be a gesture of minimal decency’, Gabriela Podasca said in a press conference.

She stressed that, in PSD’s opinion, ‘Alina Gorghiu’s lack of reaction was inadmissible and represented ‘the hypocrisy that leads the National Liberal Party today’.

‘The co-president of PNL actually ignores corruption in her own party and especially in Adomnitei’s case. (…) She is not even bothered by Mr. Vosganian’s case, still not investigated into, because he was evidently protected by the PNL senators’, Gabriela Podasca said. She added that Alina Gorghiu was also not bothered by the fact that almost half of her colleagues in PNL, those from the former PDL, were accused of having financed 2012 election campaigns with money from bribes. The PSD spokeswoman said Gorghiu was ‘in no position to lecture anyone on political morality’.


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