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September 25, 2022

PNL Co-president Alina Gorghiu: ‘Victor Ponta will not be a prime-minister beyond December 2016’

PNL Co-president Alina Gorghiu said on B1 TV Tuesday night that Victor Ponta would not be prime-minister after December 2016, when the position would be taken by Catalin Predoiu.

‘Mr. Predoiu is a very balanced person. My two current certainties are that Victor Ponta will not be a prime-minister beyond December 2016 and Predoiu will be in December 2016 at the latest’, Gorghiu said.

‘We must look at our common enemy who builds an anti0justice front. That is PSD. Ponta has been through parliamentary elections as the goose goes through water. He is equally arrogant when he ignores the civil society as he is when he ignores the opposition and the public opinion. We also have in Parliament an Electoral Code Commission that is striving to tell PSD that there has to be distance voting. We also have other themes that pertain to political common sense, such as political migration. The parliamentary majority refuses to discuss the subject’, said the PNL co-chair.

Gorghiu attacked Ponta once more over the partial elections and said that the Government’s refusal to hold elections could lead to chaos, giving the example of the city of Radauti.

‘Radauti is a Suceava city where there is the following situation: there is no mayor, there is no municipality secretary, and the local hospital manager cannot continue operating as his contract expires. There is chaos. We are in chaos because the Government headed by Victor Ponta, who has many friends from Bangladesh on Facebook, refuses to organise partial elections’, she said.

‘I am not going to investigate into who recorded’

On the recent scandal of the transcripts showing differences between the old PDL and PNL rather than a good atmosphere of cohabitation as they formally claim, Alina Gorghiu said she did not support the vulgar kind of language used in the recordings from a PNL meeting. ‘As Co-president of PNL, I am presenting my apologies publicly. I am not going to investigate into who recorded. Such a language definitely should not exist at any kind of meeting. I am very categorical when I say that the discussion has been solved within. I am saying this because it is a minor incident compared to the project of the merger. It is important that we stand by our commitments and continue taking sanctions against those who do not understand my message and Mr. Blaga’s in the future. Our project must overcome any personal frustration or agenda’, Gorghiu said.


Social-Democrat Senator Dan Sova compared with a ‘sacred animal’


Alina Gorghiu did not miss the opportunity to make an unusual comparison. She said that the highly controversial Senator Dan Sova was ‘some kind of sacred animal’ in PSD, that enjoys the protection of the whole party.

‘Mr. Sova is not criminally accused in any way for having had contracts from state-owned companies. Instead of a certain number of hours, he billed over 24 hours a day and threw some software to places. He said on the Senate microphone that, during the period when he had a contract with Electrica, I had a contract with Electrica. I brought documents proving that I was not a lawyer then. At that time, I was an AVAS employee. I was suspended as a lawyer. I was thinking what should I do? Should I sue him for calumny? I thought I shouldn’t, knowing how many problems he had. Sova in PSD in like some sort of sacred animal, a person everyone in PSD protects, as in a ritual. Anything but Sova’, Gorghiu said.


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