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August 14, 2022

PNL Vice-President Sorin Frunzaverde sought by DNA masked forces

The National Anticorruption Prosecutors searched Thursday morning the Caras-Severin County Council, the office of the president of the institution, Sorin Frunzaverde, as well as his home in Resita.

Frunzaverde has said he had been informed the action was in connection with the runoff presidential election, according to Mediafax.

‘I am not in Resita right now, but I have been told by those who are conducting the searches that it has to do with the presidential runoff. They didn’t say more on the phone’, Frunzaverde said. The Caras-Severin County Council president noted that he had not been invited to talk to the investigators. ‘They did not invite me to talk to the prosecutors, I appointed representatives’, he said.

Judicial sources say Sorin Frunzaverde, Vice-President of PNL, was not found at his domicile in Resita, which was searched in his absence.

The searches Thursday morning happened two days after DNA had searched the office of the Vice-President of Caras-Severin County Council, Ionesie Gheorghioni, close Sorin Frunzaverde.

Sorin Frunzaverde joined PNL in 2012, having been a long-standing member of the Democratic Party. From 1997 to 1998, he served as Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests. In April – December 1998 and October 2006 – April 2007 he was the Minister of Tourism and from March to December he was the Minister of National Defence. The PNL Vice-President has also been a member of the European Parliament.


‘How could I have influenced the vote?’

Sorin Frunzaverde said after the searches at the County Council that he couldn’t have put pressure on mayors during the presidential election campaign.

‘I don’t understand what I could have done, from a criminal point of view, in election. How could I have influenced the vote? As for pressure on mayors, what pressure are we talking about? How could I have pressured them? By giving them funds? What funds since the county council no longer distributes money to municipalities? In the first round I was suspected of not campaigning, now they claim I did campaign in I don’t know what manner… Twenty mayors have left PNL and PSD. So what pressure could I have put? I carried out a normal campaign as always’, Sorin Frunzaverde said.





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