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December 4, 2021

Traian Basescu: If I ever violated the laws, I did it accidentally, not deliberately

Ex-President Traian Basescu declared in an interview on Tuesday evening for psnews.ro that he never deliberately violated any laws, but admitted that he might have done so out of “negligence”, and “not deliberately”, after having been asked about possible charges filed against him in Court.

Basescu declared that he had no fear of any possible lawsuit, because he never violated the laws. Yet, the former Head of the State admitted that he might have done so, but merely out of negligence, and not in an intended manner.

“I have no fear, because I never violated laws. Or, if I did, I did not do it deliberately. I might have been negligent but I have never, under no circumstances, planned something illegal deliberately”, the ex-President declared.

Traian Basescu added that he hoped that there were no elements of negligence in his activity and that there was no person who could say he had had an arrangement for money with the ex-President.

“I hope that there are no elements of negligence in my activity. I wanted to underline the fact that there is no deliberation in ever having committed anything illegal. Moreover, there is no one who could say that he had ever made an arrangement for money, that I have supported him in anything because I had paid him. There is no such thing”, Traian Basescu added.

Moreover, the former Head of the State added that Elena Udrea was not the kind of person who would try to save herself by denouncing others. He mentioned that the ex-PMP leader was an honest person, who believed in her justice. Traian Basescu also mentioned that Elena Udrea has been the victim of a denunciation, expressing simultaneously the hope that she will be able to solve these issues in Court.

“So, I, as far as Ms. Udrea or anyone else is concerned, there is no worry. Besides the fact that I have no worry whatsoever, as I know there can be no serious statements that I was ever involved in anything illegal.

There is one more thing. Ms. Udrea is not the kind of person who would be able to try to save herself by denouncing other people. We all saw her. I think she is an honest person, who believes in her truth, and she does not need to attempt saving herself by making denunciations. She was the victim of such denunciation and I hope she will be able to solve these issues in Court”, Traian Basescu further mentioned.


“You should not trust Liberals”


Traian Basescu commented, in premiere, the tensioned situation that appeared inside PNL as a result of the public release of compromising stenography notes, where Teodor Atanasiu was bringing harsh accusations against old PDL and pointing out that the selected Prime Minister of PNL, Catalin Predoiu, would never end up in that position. In the opinion of the ex-President, the only winner of the controversy stirred by Atanasiu is Catalin Predoiu.

Traian Basescu declared for psnews.ro, referring to the stenography notes of the PNL meeting exposed in the media during the last few days that “one should not trust Liberals”.

“I have already experienced this relation with Liberals. You remember the tremendous political effort I had adopted in order to give Calin Popescu Tariceanu his term as a Prime Minister, don’t you? He had lost the alliance, the elections and yet, I got involved in the negotiations in order to create a majority that could grant him a term as a Prime Minister. What did he do a few months later? He was writing notes, such as “intervene at the Prosecutors’ Office”, then he demanded the President to be dismissed, then he was kicked out by PD, the same party that wanted to merge with them in the Government. So, you should not trust Liberals, this is what I think”, Traian Basescu declared.

Asked what would his attitude have been, if he was a leader of PDL, the former Head of the State firmly pointed out: “I would have crushed Atanasiu, without any hesitation”.

At the same time, Traian Basescu thinks that the only winner of the scandal started by Atanasiu is Catalin Predoiu, “because he had received the confirmation of the fact that he will be Prime Minister if PNL wins the elections”, mentioning that it would be very hard now to make PNL change their minf because “relating to Atanasiu’s statements would be terrifying to them as people who never honour their promises.”

Last but not least, Traian Basescu mentioned that “what Atanasiu did now, supported by Ms. Gorghiu who, without saying directly, kept hinting that Atanasiu was right, cannot happen again”, pointing out that he does not imagine the PDL leaders “taking the same insult for the second time”.

“Such incidents are likely to happen again, regardless of whether they will end up in the public space or not, but whoever thinks that PDL leaders are some naive guys they can wrap around their fingers is wrong. They are politically experienced people and my conviction is that what Atanasiu did now, supported by Ms. Gorghiu, who, without saying anything directly, kept hinting that Atanasiu was right, cannot happen again. I do not see PDL leaders taking the same insult for the second time”, Basescu also declared.






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