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November 29, 2022

Ponta: In Dragnea’s case, symbolic decision to condemn political action

The court decision in the case of Liviu Dragnea is a symbolic decision of condemning from a legal point of view a political action – the suspension of the former President and the referendum, Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Victor Ponta said on Friday.

“Mr Dragnea’s decision has been long announced and he presented me his resignation. We shall discuss within the party and with President Iohannis, to make a new nomination [to the Development Ministry]. Referring to the political position within the PSD, I was elected together with Mr Dragnea and we worked as a team. I believe we must tell our colleagues on Monday what we have managed to do together and what needs to be done in the future, for PSD in a democracy to be able to participate in the elections and, as it has happened very many times, to also win them. (…) It is a symbolic decision of condemning from a legal point of view a political action – the suspension of President Basescu and the referendum, actually of the 7.4 million of Romanians who voted and of the leaders,” the Prime Minister pointed out at the PSD headquarters.

According to him, Liviu Dragnea stands alone in this case, while the decision to suspend President Basescu and the referendum was made by all PSD leaders, by all PNL leaders, by an important number of parliamentarians.

“And we made a campaign. I don’t regret it at all, I only regret that, also through a political decision, the Constitutional Court invalidated the result of the referendum. The important thing is that, from now on, certainly if the rule in this case applies, namely that by urging people to come to vote you commit a criminal offense, definitely all ballots in Romania must have a different nature. I have seen the first reactions, of the same surprise, of the leaders who are now in the Opposition. (…) We are all thinking of how to make an election campaign without telling people to come to vote. It is a matter which we must certainly solve together, to see how a manner of doing politics in which you don’t urge people to come to vote works in a democratic society,” the PSD Chairman said.

Other decisions made by the party in regards with this situation will be made public after the leadership meeting on Monday, Ponta announced.

“These are the facts, these are the acts. Tomorrow [Saturday] we shall be together in Tg. Jiu and Craiova, because there are some projects which Mr Dragnea has worked on very much and which are ready. On Monday, after the National Standing Bureau meeting, we shall announce the other decisions,” Victor Ponta said, according to Agerpres.

The judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice convicted Development Minister Liviu Dragnea to a one-year suspended prison sentence with three years probation in the Referendum case. The other 74 defendants in the same case were either acquitted or sentenced to jail under suspended sentences. The decision is not final.


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