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January 23, 2022

Former DNA leader Daniel Morar: “The fight with corruption in Romania was won”

Ex-Head of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate in Romania, presently a judge of the Constitutional Court in Moldova, Daniel Morar, discussed on Sunday, as part of an interview granted for AGORA, the possibility to combat high level corruption.

“If you say that citizens are defied, it means that they have to make a revolution. If they continue choosing the politicians who disappoint them, I think something must radically change their options. In the moment they elect somebody, because, if you lead a struggle against corruption, you need a consequent and continuous political will, you need to know who are the people on your voting list at the ballot box. If they do not suit your expectations, give them a vote of censure. Without passing through the political class, you have no way to gain functional legal institutions. Yes, the population needs to clean up the political class, when they go to vote. The issue is that you cannot always choose between good and evil”, Morar declared according to B1.ro.

Attending the event TEDxChisinau:Crossroads, Morar declared that “I changed the law so that we would combat merely the grand corrupt politicians”, adding that he demanded this change in the law to the Minister of Justice and to the President at that time Traian Basescu.

Nonetheless, Morar admitted that he had sent to Court well-known people, too.

“Yes, it happened. I investigated, I made researches, I sent to Court people whom I knew well. They were members of the magistracy. It was not a comfortable thing to do, but somebody had to do it”, Morar declared during the interview.

Asked whether Moldova could copy the pattern of Romania, Morar declared that “it could work if you overtook our experience. Finally, combating corruption is an assignment for the legal system. If the legal system only manages to blame the lack of a political initiative, things are not honest in their entirety. As long as you have prosecutors and judges, as well as police, they can do this thing, because they have legal and constitutional capacity.

It is not an option to blame politicians entirely; although politicians have a major role as well. They need to create and to adopt laws that would allow the legal institutions to do their job. Also, they need to appoint competent people in these fields, with a solid resume and a background that recommends them for this position. The people who have a connection with the political environment are the only ones able to perform.”

“You should appoint at the top of institutions not just people who want to be there, but also people who are able to be there. You have no way to resist in this position if you do not have the necessary skills to do it. This thing must be well assimilated. And you need time. I know nobody has patience, but in Romania, it lasted about ten years. Everything started approximately in 2005. What some people expected, that things would start slowly and burn off fast, will not happen”, he also explained.

“The fight with corruption in Romania was won. If it was possible in Romania, it can be done in other locations as well, including the Republic of Moldova. On one condition: somebody must fight this war”, Morar concluded.



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