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January 28, 2023

At Cannes, new Romanian film is on the daily agenda

The second week in Cannes fills up day by day the agenda of screenings in all halls. Moreover, it even managed to diversify genres and to provide events of various types (symposiums, round tables, special press conferences). Now and again, you even find out films granted the chance of the grand prize. On Tuesday, May 19, by example, there was the media screening of a film from Quebec, directed by Denis Villeneuve. Sicario (paid murderer) presents a tough story centered on the destiny of a brave and sacrifice-able woman, aware of the everyday tragedy of the existence of some individuals, who are otherwise ordinary human beings. The universe of the CIA is deciphered by the capacity of its agents to get involved completely, at the risk of terrible dangers. A few sequences are memorable, such as the row of Mexican Gendarmerie cars, by example, or even the more impressive images of an American force that is always ready to act on wide scales.

The second film of the day running in the competition for  Palme d`Or  – Maguerite and Julien -, is the screen adaptation of an old script, written a long time ago for Francois Truffaut. The day continued with a few homage paying productions. One of them was dedicated to the relation of two classics of cinema, Hitchcock and Truffaut, and another one to Ingrid Bergman, the great actress whose face smiles at us on all posters exhibited on the Riviera.

For us, Romanians, it was the Tuesday of a new Romanian production presented in Cannes. Having entered the selection for Critics’ Week, Ramona by Andrei Cretulescu was introduced in the second program of the Bunuel Hall, starting at 8 pm.



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