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November 24, 2022

Businessman Remus Truica, investigated by DIICOT

Businessman Remus Truica, investigated by DIICOT

DIICOT prosecutors placed businessman Remus Truica under legal restrictions awaiting trial. Truica appeared on Tuesday at the DIICOT headquarters to be investigated in the file of illegal credit from BRD that also targets businessman Adrian Sarbu and journalist and politician Sorin Rosca Stanescu.

After leaving the hearing, Remus Truica declared that he had had a loan, “but it was paid back”.

His lawyer demanded a term for studying the file. Truica will attend another hearing at the beginning of next month.

The businessman was allegedly the beneficiary of fraudulent credit of dozens of millions of Euro, received from a BRD subsidiary.

The loans were fraudulently granted, through intermediaries, physical persons or companies under Truica’s direct command and afterwards, the money was transferred to accounts abroad. These accounts were controlled either by Remus Truica, or by his driver, Cristian Aparaschivei.

The damage caused by the businessman allegedly amounted to EUR 35 million. According to legal sources quoted by Agerpres, prosecutors placed a levy on Truica’s wealth, that included bank accounts, lots and real estate property, such as his house in Snagov, in the equivalent of EUR 35 million, the damage he was accused of.

Last week, Adrian Sarbu and Sorin Rosca Stanescu were also brought to DIICOT for demanding credit from a BRD subsidiary.

The damage retained in the case of Adrian Sarbu is USD 4 million and in the case of Sorin Rosca Stanescu, EUR 3 million.


Elena Udrea’s name appears in the file


The file also includes Elena Udrea’s name, yet, DIICOT prosecutors transferred the competence to DNA. Udrea was allegedly investigated for the loan of EUR 3 million from BRD, which made her complain that she was unable to sleep at night.

DIICOT started investigation in this case last October, based on suspicions that, at the end of the year 2007, an organized crime group was created at the level of BRD – Group Societe Generale executive management, destined to grant loans by violating laws regulating rules, both internal ones and the ones issued by BNR, to physical persons and trade companies. According to investigators, they granted illegal loans and caused BRD a damage of EUR 43.5 million.


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