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August 17, 2022

Former president Traian Basescu, speaker at conference in Warsaw

Former president Traian Basescu took part in the international conference titled “The Political and Economic Situation in Central and Eastern Europe” in Warsaw and emphasized several elements in which he put faith in as a politician.

“On Saturday I had the honour of speaking in Warsaw at a debate organized by the Sobieski Institute and the Law and Justice Party led by Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynski. A hall full of right-wing intellectuals and European politicians but also young Poles interested in regional developments,” Traian Basescu wrote on his official Facebook page.

“In my speech I emphasized several elements I put faith in as a politician: nothing credible and healthy can be built on the pillars of the communist regime, whether we are talking about the judiciary, national security systems, companies, education, even health, although these systems have to be rebuilt gradually; the thesis that we are all equal in the European Union is a big lie propped up by populist politicians. The argument: countries have a different number of votes both within the European Parliament and the European Council, but also the way high executive positions are allocated within the European Commission’s structures. The fact that we are not equal was known by all countries when they asked to become members of the EU (Romania is the seventh-largest country based on the number of votes within the European Council and the European Parliament); the Russian Federation, a continuous element of instability in the region because of its historic tradition of having under its control or political influence the countries in the region; the Russian Federation’s influence is generated by the different prices at which it sells natural gas to EU countries; the reactions following the invasion of Ukraine prove that the only credible partners for guaranteeing the security of Central and Eastern European countries are the US and UK,” Traian Basescu wrote.

At the same time, the former head of state praised the quality of the debate and expressed his opinion that such conferences, which he would attend with pleasure, should be organized in Romania too.

“The quality of the debate was exceptional, primarily generated by the knowledge and preparation of those who listened to the speeches and then took part in the questions and answers session. Such debates should take place in Romania too. I would gladly take part in them,” the former Romanian president stated.

The event was organized by the Sobieski Institute, a Polish think-tank. Set up in 2004, the Sobieski Institute mainly specializes in the analysis of security and defence policies, energy policies, legal issues, public finances and international relations.



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