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September 26, 2022

Liviu Dragnea resigned as Executive President of PSD

The meeting of the Executive Committee of PSD, scheduled initially on Wednesday, for a discussion regarding the withdrawal of the position of executive president for Liviu Dragnea will be organized next week, official sources declared.

Liviu Dragnea announced on Wednesday that he maintained his decision to resign as Executive President of PSD, as a result of the decision of the Court to pronounce him guilty in the “Referendum” file and the management of the party will establish how he could help the party in the future.

“I can no longer hold this position”, Dragnea declared.

The delay was established due to the fact that on Wednesday, at the time planned for the start of the Executive Committee meeting, the Cotroceni Palace hosted the oath taking ceremony of the new Minister of Development.

On Tuesday evening, sources within PSD quoted by Mediafax had declared that party members were announced that the meeting of the Executive Committee on Wednesday was canceled due to the oath taking ceremony of the new MDRAP Minister.

“The meeting of the PSD Executive Committee is postponed because the oath is taken today in Cotroceni. I no longer intend to prolong this conversation about my resignation; therefore, when I arrive today at the party headquarters, I will register it and the resignation will come into effect”, Dragnea declared at the Parliament Palace.

He added that he would register his resignation even if his colleagues might insist that he should keep his position as Executive President; nonetheless, if the Executive Committee of PSD will decide next week that they could continue using his expertise and experience, he would be glad to help them.

“I do not think that it is  acceptable, after this sentence that I see as unjust, and it is obvious. Nonetheless, it is a decision pronounced by a Romanian Court, a Court I respect, and it is obvious that I must respect even the laws I do not like. And I do not think it is acceptable that I remain executive president after this conviction”, Dragnea declared, outlining though that he was willing to work for any organizing activity of PSD, especially as 2016 was an electoral year”.

On Monday, at the meeting of the National Permanent Bureau, Dragnea had handed over his badge as Executive President, yet PSD Vice-Presidents did not want to accept his resignation and PSD leader Victor Ponta announced that a meeting of the Executive Committee was scheduled for Wednesday, due to be attended by several members of PSDm in order to reach a decision.

Yet, Ponta, as well as other PSD leaders, showed that the Resolution demanding politicians confronted with legal issues to lose their political position should not be applied to Dragnea, as it merely referred to cases of corruption, and no such offence was committed by the latter.

“Without any kind of other overly sentimental connotations, I want to thank Liviu [Dragnea] for everything that he has done since he has been minister and before and for what he will do afterwards and to say that Liviu, same as other ministers, was not sanctioned for his activity as a minister. He was sanctioned for having done a good thing, which I have also done and most of the people at this table, in the sense of our having suspended Basescu. But this is it, we have lost that battle – in fact, we won it, but the Constitutional Court said we lost it – and as strong people we assume all things,” Ponta said in the beginning of the Government meeting.

Liviu Dragnea announced on Friday that he had quit as Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration and on Monday, at the  meeting of the PSD Permanent Bureau, he would resign as Executive President of the party, due to the decision of the Court to condemn him in the “Referendum” file.


PSD Vice-President: “Nobody is irreplaceable”


Liviu Dragnea is an experienced person, highly respected by his colleagues all over the country, PSD Vice-President Constantin Nita declared, expressing his opinion that the Executive President of the party will not reconsider his resignation from this position. Nita added that “nobody is irreplaceable”.

Constantin Nita confirmed for RFI that the Wednesday meeting of the PSD Executive Committee was postponed, at least for next week.

He declared that “most colleagues all over the country” would like that Liviu Dragnea would keep his position as Executive President: “It was a highly serious debate in the party on this topic and most colleagues all over the country revealed their opinion that Mr. Dragnea should continue holding his position as Executive President. Obviously, Mr. Dragnea has submitted his badge, and this discussion referring to the resignation would be continued in the Executive Committee meeting. (…) Mr. Dragnea is an experienced person, highly respected by his colleagues all over the country, he had done excellent work during electoral campaigns and, obviously, most colleagues say that his conviction has nothing to do with corruption related crimes, it has more to do with how he organized the electoral campaign.”

Asked whom PSD would appoint in Liviu Dragnea’s position, Constantin Nita replied: “There is a Romanian proverb: ‘nobody is irreplaceable’. Obviously, there will be colleagues to run for the position of Executive President but I am also confident that Mr. Dragnea will stay close to the team due to be created at the Congress, before the Congress and after theCongress, to support and to contribute to the victory of the elections in 2016.”

Moreover, asked whether the organizing experience of the future Executive President would be also taken into account, the Vice-President of the party replied: “I will give you another proverb: Those who have no elderly among them should buy them. There is a certain tendency to remove all the members of the party who had reached a certain age, which is a huge error, but we cannot do but appreciate Mr. Dragnea’s experience in organizing electoral campaigns and in leading this party, after all, because leadership is another field that requires experience, and this goes not only for Mr. Dragnea, but for all political parties. You cannot give up people with such a consistent political experience, gathered in many years, so easily. You need to make a serious analysis when you do such thing.”


Ion Iliescu: ‘It is stupid to disapprove of a political leader for campaigning to mobilise voters’


Honorary Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Ion Iliescu on Wednesday said this is a delicate moment for resigning PSD Executive Chairman Liviu Dragnea, and the latter’s decision is grounded.

Asked to comment on PSD likely losing Liviu Dragnea, Iliescu said Dragnea cannot be reproached for many things, because the role of a party in any electoral competition is to mobilise the voters.

“This is a delicate moment for him and his decision to step down is grounded. I do not believe he could be reproached for many things. Why do parties exist and what is the vision and the role of a party in any electoral competition? Mobilising the electorate, which he did. As a representative and leader of the party he campaigned for mobilising the electorate for that referendum. Can a political leader be reproached for that? This is the stupidity of the decision,” Iliescu said after a solemn meeting for the 25th anniversary of the first free elections in Romania after the fall of communism hosted by Parliament Palace.

Asked whether the Dragnea case was politically motivated, Iliescu said he does not want to make any characterisation.

“I do not want to make characterisations, but I find it stupid to disapprove of a political leader for campaigning to mobilise the electorate. I do no want to go into details and the reasons behind that, but people perceive that he was condemned for his mobilisation campaign,” Iliescu concluded.


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