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August 12, 2022

The main theme of the fifth Congress of World Religions, in Astana: ‘The dialogue of religious leaders and politicians in the name of peace and development’

Religion is a progressive phenomenon. Morality is the core of religion. Therefore, religion as a cultural and historical phenomenon was challenging at all times. Questions of human existence disturbed ancient people, the religious theme dominates the present, and there exists confidence in the fact that religion will deserve attention in future generations.

But at this precise point of time in the age of rapid globalization, when the policy is universally intertwined with religion, imposing upon the latter its vision of the world order, the cultural integration processes become irrelevant without public understanding and initiatives of politicians.

We see how in the last few decades mankind needs a profound rethinking of the current events. At the same time in this complex process, grows the role of leaders of world and traditional religions.

Inter-ethnic and interfaith dialogue – is the imperative of our era. Religion crossroads the historical period. To talk about the relationship between politics and religion means, in essence, to discuss particular, besides an important area of diverse relationship between an individual and the society. On the one hand, there invariably arise most intimate questions for each person, concerning his or her personal beliefs, attitudes and conscience. On the other hand – inevitably reveal the qualitative characteristics of the society, political system, its ability to ensure the democratic rights of its citizens, to eliminate any legal and practical violence against their convictions, infringement of interests of an individual, of the masses, any use of personal beliefs and attitudes in the prejudice of their carriers, in the prejudice of social progress. This entails true principles of democracy and humanism of society.

Notably the dialogue among civilizations can prevent misunderstandings and contradictions in public consciousness. First Congress of World and Traditional Religions, held in 2003 in Astana, showed that the initiative of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev was widely understood and found support from the international community. Namely at this congress it was clearly defined, where the religious sphere ends and political intrigues of political interests begin. Killer terrorists hide behind a religious mask were disclosed with reason. We have learned to distinguish between the true believers from the fanatical radicals, puppets of big politics. We learned how to navigate in the information field, which, unfortunately, very often identifies terrorist acts and extremist manifestations with religion.

This year in Astana, will be held the fifth Congress of World Religions – already traditional, but more than ever timely and desirable. After all, the world community has faced with new threats and challenges, there have been significant changes on the political map of the world, and frequent local conflicts on religious grounds become more frequent, and took place many other events about which it is necessary to talk through the lens of finding the optimal solution.

As the main theme of the upcoming forum was determined the topic: “The dialogue of religious leaders and politicians in the name of peace and development.” The upcoming forum will bring together a record number of delegates, many prominent clerics and public figures have already confirmed their participation that, in turn, reflects the increasing prestige of the event and Astana as one of the main platforms on the world platform of addressing the pressing issues.

Speaking about the congress it is essential to recall the words of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, that “the future of our planet should be not clash of civilizations but religions co-operation.”

Speaking at the Astana Economic Forum in 2014, the Kazakh leader said: “Everyone began to talk about the clash of civilizations that East is east, and West is west, and they will never meet. It is a wrong approach! We are all human beings on this earth. And it is wrong to think, that religions must clash. I was a witness when the leaders of world and traditional religions gathered here in Astana for their first congress. Leading Iranian mullah and rabbi of Israel greeted each other, and were talking and conversing… “.

Summarizing, we can add that there is confidence in the fact that at this time in Astana a similar pattern will repeat: again under one dome we will see the representatives of various faiths peacefully solving the urgent problems of the human being in the dialogue to preserve peace and tranquility in the land.





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