PLR and PC merger, discussed at Congress in June

The National Executive Committee of the Reformist Liberal Party (CNEx of the PLR) has decided on Tuesday night to organize this June over 18-20, an Extraordinary Congress to debate its merger with the Conservative Party (PC, minor at rule), a press release informs according to Agerpres.

‘Following the talks with the CNEx of the PLR members, the party’s chairman proposed that at the next extraordinary Congress the merger between the PLR and the PC to be debated, as well as the PLR vision on the new political formation to result from this merger,’ the above mentioned source says.

During the same CNEx meeting, says the release, the PLR decided to support ‘the provisions of the new Forestry Code which removes the current monopoly of some companies on the Romanian market.

‘Of the debate resulted that the Government’s decision to ban exportation of wood is supported by the PLR, and Romania should endorse a new economic policy, of support for the wood processing industry, capable to generate jobs and added value. Our ministers and members of the Parliament will promote concrete actions of support of the development of this industrial branch and support the actions by the Environment minister as regards the cease of illegal deforestation,’ the release adds.

Therewith, the CNEx of PLR also tackled the draft law on the individuals insolvency Law, which it considers ‘acceptable from the Liberals’ viewpoint, as it also has the Okay of the banking milieu in Romania.’

‘It’s a useful, necessary law dedicated to protect the individuals from eventual abuse by the banks, as it has already happened in the past,’ the PLR release concludes.

PC President Daniel Constantin (photo) had declared in March that the Central Executive Bureau of the party had approved by vote the start of negotiations with PLR to complete a merger.

“There are discussions of several months targeting an alliance or a merger with Mr. Tariceanu’s party. Most of these discussions had ended up at the Central Executive Bureau, were we voted and decided to start negotiations with PLR. I think that, starting on November 16, the Romanian citizen has been waiting for such political approach, closer to the regular person. This is what we aim to do; to grant an alternative to PNL and even to PSD. By merging, we will become the third political pole”, Constantin declared for Gandul Live.

On his turn, Senate President Calin Popescu Tariceanu had declared at the beginning of March that there were discussions with PC to complete a fusion with PLR, and that PC also has “the wish to analyze this formula.”

At the time being, PC and PLR form common Parliament groups in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies.



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