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February 25, 2021

Ex-President Ion Iliescu, on Iohannis: “I cannot expect him to lead the country the way I did”

Ex-President Ion Iliescu commented on Wednesday the activity  Klaus Iohannis has done so far at Cotroceni.

The Social-Democrat pointed out, after the symposium dedicated to the anniversary of 25 years since the first free elections, an event organized at the Parliament Palace, that he could not give “recipes” to Iohannis.

“I am in no position to give him recipes. I cannot expect him to lead the country the way I did, or the way Mr. Basescu did, or the way Mr. Constantinescu did, as each of them had had their own style. Each brings along his manner of thinking, his life standards and his manners of building human relations”, Iliescu mentioned, quoted by Stiri pe Surse.

Ion Iliescu was also asked to comment on the relation between Klaus Iohannis and Victor Ponta.

“Mr. Iohannis is not Mr. Basescu, but the relations of institutions are not simple; they are also based on the human relations between the representatives of the institutions”, Iliescu further declared.

Also Iliescu said that Romania needs solidarity, accountability and good governance that should promote the Romanian nation’s interests set in accordance with the interests of our Europeans partners


Senate Speaker Tariceanu: ‘Romanian citizens regained their democratic sight on May 20, 1990’


Romanian citizens regained their democratic sight on May 20, 1990, although a part of the public opinion still insists to remember the first democratic elections under the ironic title of “The Sunday of the Blind Man” and all the Romanian political parties of today, even if they had a complex history afterwards, had their roots in the elections that took place two decades and a half ago, said the Senate Speaker, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu at the same event.

“It’s true that a part of the public opinion still insists to remember the elections that took place on May 20, 1990, under the ironic name of ‘The Sunday of the Blind Man.’ Only that, if we are to study the respective liturgical chapter more closely, we will see that it is, in fact, about healing, about a blind man who regains his sight. Indeed, Romanians were impeded for almost five decades to have their own freely-elected representatives in Parliament. The Romanian citizens regained their democratic sight on May 20, 1990,” showed Tariceanu in his message on Wednesday sent to the symposium dedicated to the 25th anniversary since the first free elections in Romania after the anti-communist revolution of 1989, a message delivered by Senator Daniel Barbu.


Valeriu Zgonea: ‘Ever since 1990 we learned step by step the rigors of parliamentarianism’


In his message, the Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber, Valeriu Zgonea, said that the May 20 elections legitimated by vote the future institutions of the rule of law state and laid the grounds for the legislative political process that led Romania to join the European political and cultural space.

“The first Parliament of post-revolutionary democratic Romania also played the role of a constituent assembly, adopted a new Constitution and created the legislative framework needed for reforming of the Romanian society. Ever since 1990 we learned step by step the rigors of parliamentarianism. There were of course hesitations and things that went wrong, errors because of the lack of experience, but today Romania is a strong democracy, a respected member of the North-Atlantic Alliance and the EU, and the first Parliament that was elected democratically 25 years ago, are the first that should get the credit for it, as well as those that followed afterwards,” Zgonea said.

According to him, the Parliament is and will remain a fundamental institution of a democratic state and “it’s precisely for this reason that it should make everybody think, but especially the MPs, why the citizens’ level of trust in the Romanian legislative forum, and in the political parties in general, is now so low.”

“If we lose our trust in the fundamental institutions of the state, the democracy is going to be affected. That’s why regaining trust in the Parliament must represent a priority for the entire political class. This is a difficult but absolutely necessary and fully justified mission that we must assume with all responsibility,” the Speaker of the Deputies Chamber said.


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