Klaus Iohannis: Heroes’ unconditional service to their country is a model worth following

President Klaus Iohannis attended on Thursday the Heroes’ Day commemoration ceremony in the Carol Park, where he laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

In a message sent on Thursday on the occasion of Heroes’ Day, President Klaus Iohannis says that the way the heroes unconditionally served their country is an example worth following to the future generations.

“On the occasion of Heroes Remembrance Day, our thoughts go with gratitude to all those who, with the price of the supreme sacrifice, have defended Romania’s independence, integrity and sovereignty. Also etched in our memory are those who paid with their life the ideal of freedom of the 1989 Romanian Revolution. We also remember today the soldiers fallen in the theaters of operations or in other in-country or out-of-country missions. These heroes, known or unknown, offer us over time the most valuable lesson of self-sacrifice in the name of a supreme ideal, that of serving their fatherland. Their example of abnegation and devotion, the way they unconditionally served their country, is worth following by the future generations,” the head of the state said in his message, the Presidential Administration informed.

Under Law-Decree No. 1693 of May 4, 1920, Heroes’ Day was established as a national holiday that is celebrated “nationwide with pomp in religious, school and military ceremonies” on the Day of the Ascension of Our Lord (on the 40th day after Easter).

The Parliament of Romania revived the decree in 1995 and in 2003, under the Law on war monuments and memorials, the Day of the Lord’s Ascension was proclaimed a national holiday of the Romanian people.



IntMin Oprea: Heroes’ Day, the national celebration honoring those who sacrificed themselves for Romania


The Heroes’ Day is the national celebration honoring the memory of our forerunners who sacrificed themselves for the freedom of the Romanians and for Romania’s territorial integrity, Deputy Prime Minister for National Security, Minister of Internal Affairs Gabriel Oprea said on the occasion.

In the message marking this day of remembrance, the Minister points out that the Heroes’ Day is “a time with a profound emotional load, when we honor those who fulfilled ‘even with the price of their life’ the sacred oath towards their homeland, joining the true Romanians who laid down their lives as foundation for this country.”

“Romania is today part of powerful alliances such as NATO or the EU, and the defense of fundamental rights and values is a common goal of all party-states. In the name of these common values, the Romanian troops deployed to theaters of operations have paid the price of blood for the sake of freedom, safety and security. Their sacrifice is the expression of Romania’s unreserved engagement in the fight against the current threats, the most serious of which is terrorism. Today’s celebration is dedicated to these heroes, these Romanians we pride ourselves with. Respect and honor to the memory of our heroes! Christ is Ascended!” Oprea says in his message, as cited in a release issued on Thursday by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The release adds that the Ministry of Internal Affairs organized on Thursday in Bucharest military and religious ceremonies with garland and wreath-laying ceremonies at the Monument to the Gendarme Heroes in Cismigiu Park, the Heroes Land Plot on National Road DN1, the Firemen Monument in the yard of the St. George’s Church – Plevna, and the Monument “The Last Guardian of the Capital.”

Also, representatives of the Romanian Navy held ceremonies to honour its heroes at the cemetery of the Cozia Monastery, where wreaths were laid from the Navy Headquarters, the Admirals’ Club, the League of Navy Officers, the League of Navy Petty Officers and of the Romanian Naval League; at the heroes’ monuments and cemeteries in the garrisons of Constanta, Mangalia, Tulcea and Babadag.


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