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January 23, 2022

MEP Catalin Ivan ousted from PSD

The PSD organisation of District 1 in Bucharest has decided to remove Catalin Ivan from the party for ‘having continued HIS negative action against PSD’, as organisation president Dan Tudorache said.

In an intervention on Realitatea TV Wednesday night, Catalin Ivan said he would challenge the decision which he found to be illegal and said that he was no longer a member of the District 1 Bucharest organisation, as it had been dissolved.

‘I have left the District 1 organisation Victor Ponta illegally dissolved just to remove me. The decision was made by Mr. Tudorache, who is Liviu Dragnea’s instrument’, Catalin Ivan said. ‘I was not sacked by the organisation I had led, the organisation that I had led was dissolved so that I could be ousted. Until now I have been suspended and today I am excluded. Obviously, still without any connection with the Statute’, Catalin Ivan further said.

He stresses that Victor Ponta won the leadership of PSD with his help and relates the conversation he had with the party leader who said he would show the Social-Democrats what ‘dictatorship’ meant.

‘The reality is different. I made a fundamental mistake in 2010, when I let myself be fooled by Victor Ponta and I endorsed him. If I had not been fooled, he wouldn’t have been the President of PSD, it was a tight victory. I brought him 34 votes from Iasi that made the difference.

He insisted that I should accompany him for an Iasi conference (…) and said to me <Forget about Gheorghe Nichita>. (…) He said to me: <who thinks there was a dictatorship in the party during Adrian Nastase’s time is wrong. I will show them dictatorship’.  I though he was joking.

But, seeing how he led the party, no decision was made by the National Standing Bureau of PSD as long as I was the Chairman of it. Everything was discussed in Victor Ponta’s office. They would come and push their decision. There is a dictatorship in PSD and I will fight Victor Ponta until he leaves politics and PSD’. The MEP further said.

Not least, the MEP notes that Victor Ponta ‘is happy to have got rid of Dragnea’ ahead of PSD elections following the resignation of the party executive president because of his conviction in the Referendum case.

‘He wants to be in the next Congress without any challenger. He’s happy he got rid of Dragnea. He’s afraid of the party, because, if there is another candidate, he will lose at the PSD Congress’, Catalin Ivan said.

In March, the leadership of PSD District 1 Bucharest were announcing the suspension of MEP Catalin Ivan for a period of 12 months. Ivan, on the other hand, replied that the decision had been made against the Statute, as he was a member of the PSD organisation of Dobrovat (Iasi County).


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