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July 27, 2021

National Liberal Party marks 140 years since establishment

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday night, at the concert dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the National Liberal Party’s establishment, that people are waiting for change to come from the Liberals, whom he told to never allow emotions to deviate them from their path.

“We set out together on a path in 2014. A path not solely for one man, not solely for one party, but for this country and its people. We find ourselves today in other roles and responsibilities, in other circumstances, but the path is the same. The same values and commitments unite us. There is no better way to honour the past but by building a worthy future. And for this party there is no better way to further its tradition but by answering the citizens’ expectations. The people are looking at you and are waiting for you to be the change they desire. I’m urging you to always be aware of this, to never allow anything to be more important than that but to keep your promises, to let not temporary emotions deviate you from the common path,” Iohannis said.

He stated he is honoured to participate in the event, adding “I missed you! I’m touched and honoured to be in your midst once again, with you, the ones I feel so close to.”

President Iohannis said that the 140th anniversary of PNL’s establishment is “the victory of Liberalism in a part of the world where the ad interim, the endless disharmony, losing strategies and admirable ideas frozen in the incipient stage have been, in a way, the rule in politics.”

Stressing “the great achievements of the party – national unity, independence, the modern state – Iohannis specified that PNL is currently going through a good period, which “is not by chance, but the outcome of a constant, consistent effort. Last year, PNL became the great party of the Romanian Right Wing, a full and rightful member of the biggest European political family, in November 2014 it won the presidential elections and today it has the largest voter confidence score in all of its history. (…) It is not a perfect party. Yet the difference between you and other parties is the way in which you live politics. PNL is not only the name, the tradition and the history. To me, a Liberal is the one who practices Liberalism, not the one who claims out loud to be a Liberal. This is why I’m asking you, with much confidence, to go ahead with the ideas and values of Liberalism. Our pride is this: the dignity of a party which 140 years ago started to seek its path. Through everything that it has accomplished and has done, I strongly believe it has found it,” concluded Klaus Iohannis.


Vasile Blaga: “Three years from now we will have to have consistent results in government”


National Liberal Party Co-President Vasile Blaga stated on Wednesday at the concert dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the party’s establishment that three years from now PNL will have to have consistent results in government.

“We have a governing program that is in the spirit of President Klaus Iohannis platform. Three years from now, on the 100th anniversary of the Great Union, we will have to have consistent results in government on the road to completing Romania’s European integration. PNL’s presence in government in the year that marks the centenary of the Great Union and the fulfilment of the PNL-Iohannis projects will have to be the most beautiful homage we can bring to the historic party of the Bratianu family,” Blaga stated.

The PNL leader pointed out that the Liberals are in the midst of constructing a large PNL and nothing will stop them from accomplishing this. He stated that the 140th anniversary is unique in the history of Romanian democracy.

The PNL leader pointed out that the party has to fulfil Romania’s Euro-Atlantic destiny.


Alina Gorghiu: “Today we are talking about a Romania in charge of her own destiny”


PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu stated on Wednesday at the anniversary of 140 years since the establishment of the party that what makes the Liberals stand out from their opponents is the fact that PNL is making history while its opponents are only a part of it.

“This is a week of joy and gratitude and, why not, an opportunity to recall PNL’s history, it is a moment when we should look toward the future. Today we are talking about a Romania in charge of her own destiny. There were Liberal politicians who understood what the destiny of our nation is. I don’t believe I err when noting that not only the way we look to the past and the future but also the way we learn how to relate to the past sets us apart from our political opponents, because while the leaders of the current ruling party dissociate themselves from their forerunners, do not even remember their names, we, Liberals, acknowledge our predecessors with all our calling,” Gorghiu said. She also stated that one of those forerunners is PNL Honorary President Mircea Ionescu Quintus.


Former PNL President Antonescu gives “probably last” speech to party


Crin Antonescu, the former president of the National Liberal Party (PNL), called on the audience present at a concert dedicated to the party’s 140th anniversary to defend the values they believe in and the Parliament, pointing out it that it was probably the last time he was speaking before “such a Liberal gathering.”

“This is most likely the last time I am speaking before such a Liberal gathering, therefore I am doing it from all my heart; therefore I have no interests, no expectations and no reservations in these words or behind them,” Antonescu said.

He stressed that PNL’s experience stems from its identity.

“The founders of PNL, those who later on, also through this party, founded Romania as a modern state, those who built the interwar democracy, were certainly an elite. The claim of all of us, the post-1990 Liberals, is also to be an elite, a responsible, generous, dedicated, even a serving one. And elites are a little ahead of time, although they work for their contemporaries and for their times,” the former PNL President went on to say.

He also asserted the PNL was “the only institution that has built on the long term; and it has done so because it has always been hinged on certain principles and values.”



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