Premier forced by Court to hold local elections

After PNL’s victory over PSD with the amendment increasing child benefits, Vasile Blaga and Alina Gorghiu’s party has won another ‘round’ of the ‘game’ with Victor Ponta’s Executive. After the Liberals had sued the Government for stalling the organisation of partial elections in vacant constituencies, the Bucharest Court of Appeal is forcing the Executive to do it. It is the second legal case lost by the Government in that matter, after the one in the Cluj Court of Appeal, on the election of the president of the Cluj County Council.

PNL sued the Ponta Government in the Court of Appeal in February 2015. The decision was shaded down on 19 May. According to gandul.info, the Court transcript states: ‘The Court orders the defendant (the Government of Romania – editor’s note) to proceed to setting the date for the partial parliamentary elections in the following constituencies’. The list includes 17 constituencies of senator and deputy that are currently vacant.

The court decision is not final.

PNL has also sued the Government in Bucharest for failure to hold local partial elections in a number of counties, but the Court postponed making its decision to the following week.


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