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May 19, 2021

National Council of PNL: Liberals approve governing programme, leaders pledge unity

The National Council of the National Liberal Party (PNL) has approved by unanimous vote the party’s governing programme for 2015-2020, as presented by the prime vice chair Catalin Predoiu.

‘This programme raises essential problems and offers answers to them. We’re speaking in it about a strong state that nevertheless respects its citizens. (…) We’re speaking about an efficient government. (…) Wherever you open this programme, you will find solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s problems,’ the Liberal shadow prime minister Predoiu told the assembly of around 1,000 delegates before the vote on the document ‘The National Rebuilding’.

The 2015-2020 programme is divided in four big chapters – The Nation, The State, The Economy and The Inclusive Society; the theme of ‘good governing’ is recurring throughout it. Its main steps are a partnership between the Government and the society in 2016; the resulting own model of development in 2017; as a consequence, a competitive economy, an educated, dynamic society and an intelligent administration in 2019; finally, the national rebuilding in 2019.

Alina Gorghiu, co-chair of the PNL, declared that ‘those who do not adapt and do not understand this new reality will be rejected’; she was referring to the actual PNL, resulting from the 2014 merger of the old PNL with the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL).

The other party co-chair, Vasile Blaga (of the former PDL) concurred: ‘We have started a great project, and there is no return. Let everybody understand it. There is no longer a ‘former PNL’ and a ‘former PDL’. None of them is below the other one; none of them has the monopoly of integrity. Those who think they can play individual games to the detriment of others will end, like Alina Gorghiu said, too, in political irrelevance and failure .’

The Council also drafted  a future motion of no confidence. PNL Co-chair announced on Saturday that the motion will refer to the vote by correspondence and the Council has set June 5 as date of registration in the Parliament.

In addition, the Council validated some proposed changes to the party’s statute concerning the integrity criteria, allowing party leaders sentenced by courts, in rulings still subject to appeal, to keep at least their party membership, while losing their top positions.

Before the event, PNL Co-chair Alina Gorghiu announced that the calendar of candidacies for the 2016 local and parliamentary election has been already decided and will be announced in the Council, with ‘terms, responsibilities, criteria, opinion polls, everything that’s needed.’ The Liberals should vote it and then it should be implemented, she declared on Friday, quoted by Agerpres.



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