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October 25, 2020

President Iohannis: Implementation of EU’s agreements with Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia must remain a priority


President Klaus Iohannis on Friday stated that the implementation of the existing agreements between the EU and Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia must remain a priority and that the Union must support this process of implementation by providing technical and financial assistance.

‘Romania has constantly acted, and of a concrete manner, for the advance of the political association and economic integration process with the partner states, including through providing expertise in the reform processes and in the process of implementation of the association and free trade agreements. The implementation of these agreements must remain a priority. That’s why I said it very clearly that the Union must continue to support this process by granting financial and technical assistance,’ said Iohannis, at the Henri Coanda Airport, upon his return from the Summit in Riga.

At the Summit, he pleaded for the strengthening of the role of the Eastern Partnership as a strategic instrument and for the development of the relations between the EU and its eastern vicinity, so as to promote stability, democratic development and prosperity in the entire region.

Iohannis showed that in the Summit of Riga an assessment was made of the concrete results obtained by the partner states after the Summit in Vilnius, among which the signing of the association and free trade agreements with the Republic of Moldova and Georgia, the provisional implementation of some important components of the association agreement with Ukraine, the liberalization of the visa regime for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

The head of state further specified that the Summit also debated on the directions to be approached in the future, in which context he pleaded for an ambitious, strategic and well-articulated vision of the Eastern Partnership.

‘I highlighted the importance of the principle of differentiation between the partners, depending on their aspirations and performances. This also implies an increasing support on behalf of the EU, based on the more for more principle, with a positive conditionality, with the technical and financial assistance to be granted in line with the advance of the reform process,’ stated Iohannis, according to Agerpres.

The head of the state also maintained the need for the EU to maintain an open perspective for the partner states that wish to continue walking on this path and the member states to complete as soon as possible the ratification processes of the association and free trade agreements.

‘We hope this process concludes by the end of this year,’ he underscored, while bringing to mind that Romania was the first of the member states to have ratified the association and free trade agreements with Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

Iohannis further specified that the participants in the Summit also discussed about the need to promote the agenda on mobility with the partner states.

‘The liberalization of the visas leads to an increasing human interaction, economic, educational, cultural exchanges etc. And we have here the example of the Republic of Moldova, in which case the visa regime was liberalized in 2014,’ he said.

President Klaus Iohannis showed that the Summit ended with the adoption of a Joint Declaration establishing the main cooperation fields: the strengthening of the institutions and good governance, mobility and the human dimension; economic opportunities, interconnection.

‘By the Declaration of the Summit it was reconfirmed the sovereign right of each partner to reach the level of ambition and the objectives its aspires to reach in the relation with the European Union. It was also reaffirmed that fact that it is EU’s exclusive prerogative and that of the member states to decide on their relations and level of interaction,’ said the head of state.


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