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Adriana Saftoiu launches “Cotroceni Chronicle” book: “Traian Basescu and Elena Udrea behaved like two teenagers avoiding mom”

Traian Basescu, Elena Udrea, Emil Boc and Vasile Blaga are the lead characters of “Cotroceni Chronicle”, the latest book written by Traian Basescu’s former spokesperson, Adriana Saftoiu and launched at the Bookfest International Book Salon. By this book, the author sets a new perspective on several events that had defined the Romanian politics of the last few years. The book is almost a journal and describes how employees of the Presidency feared the bad moods of the ex-President, without avoiding topics such as Elena Udrea’s influence.

17 years have passed since Adriana Saftoiu has worked for the first time with Traian Basescu. Today, she describes the ex-President as a person who is at least difficult.

“His political route shows a whole lot of cynicism and cold calculations destined to reach objectives. (…) Traian Basescu’s personal stake also aimed his freedom. He was convinced that Adrian Nastase would not hesitate to use any tool at hand to send him to prison. He needed time to solve the issue of the Fleet, his burden for 2004.”


Spicy stories with Elena Udrea in Cotroceni


The book spares no details in exposing a few scenes starring Elena Udrea, Head of the Presidential Chancellery in 2005, as lead character.

Unprecedented stories about the relation between Traian Basescu and Elena Udrea are finally revealed. After a lot of speculations, rumours and gossip, ex-Presidential adviser Adriana Saftoiu presents a lot of unimaginable spicy details about the life of both politicians in the book “Cotroceni Chronicle”.


“Elena Udrea represents a delicate chapter in the life of the President. (…) Traian Basescu behaved in such manner that his personal weakness had become a vulnerability for the President”, Adriana Saftoiu wrote, remembering that there were moments when Presidential advisers had to deal with genuine “outbreaks of hysteria” from the President, caused by a supposed lack of support for Elena Udrea. Adriana Saftoiu did not omit spicy moments either. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was allegedly captivated by Elena Udrea, when she accompanied the President to Italy.

„(…) Basescu intervened: “Do you like her? Should I bring her again?” and they both laughed. (…) Berlusconi looked at Elena: “I would like you to stay for a while, so that we can chat a little in private”. “It was fabulous”, the author noted.

Adriana Saftoiu confirmed also that Elena Udrea used to spend a lot of time in the President’s office.

“After Elena Udrea resigned, days went on in a carousel of furios lament. He considered himself the village fool that had to swallow the pressure put by the media”, Adriana Saftoiu wrote about Traian Basescu, furious that Udrea was forced to resign because of the controversy that surrounded her husband’s business deals.

Saftoiu outlined that Udrea only quit her official position at Cotroceni, but never disappeared from the life of the President, as she continued being a constant presence in his office.

“In the office, Elena Udrea has the same armchair she had had before, although she has resigned the position of adviser. I do not know whether he realises that we all realize that E. U. is in his office. It is obvious in his tone, in the way he talks to us. I am not the only one to notice how he becomes more stiff in her presence. He seems like a turkey shaking its snood to attract attention”, Adriana Saftoiu wrote in her book.

Udrea visited Basescu’s office almost every day and they were left on their own there night after night, while the President’s employees went home after work.

“The good part of the fact that Elena was visiting the President almost every day is that he did not seek our services after a certain hour”, Adriana Saftoiu also added.

Nonetheless, when an adviser was called in the President’s office, he could see Udrea enthroned in the room.

“At about six a clock, he called me to his office. She was wearing red, a provocative mini skirt, and was sitting on his office. There was no gesture to mask the absolutely unofficial attitude, utterly inappropriate to the location. Elena looked at me with the confidence of a woman who can literally sit on her boss’ office”, Adriana Saftoiu remembered

Basescu responds to Adriana Saftoiu after the disclosures in her book


Former President Traian Basescu responded to ex-Presidential adviser Adriana Saftoiu regarding her disclosures about the person Traian Basescu and his relation with Elena Udrea in Saftoiu’s new book “Cotroceni Chronicle”.

Asked what he thought about Adriana Saftoiu’s description of him as a cynical man who pursued his purposes at all costs, who left all his collaborators and divided three politicians in three categories: crooks, tykes and bastards, Basescu replied:

“The words ‘tykes’ and ‘bastards’ are not in my vocabulary. I would like this to be a decent show, so let us not define the crooks in politics.

I have only one conclusion: there are many troubled people today. It is not the time for alternative sources of income.

Thank God I ceased my trust in 2007. I have had amiable splits with all my advisers. In Adriana’s case, the situation is far more complicated and I would not like to discuss it”, Traian Basescu declared for B1 TV.

He also hinted that he knew some things, because Adriana Saftoiu was followed by the services.

“Advisers are not on their own. The President hears many things. There is no rule that they must be supervised, but in security situations, there are structures doing this.

In 2007, before the suspension, we split”, Basescu declared.

“When hired, any adviser signs a loyalty engagement that has no term of prescription. Loyalty means that what you saw at Cotroceni, stays in Cotroceni”, the ex-President concluded.


“Today it is very profitable to talk about Elena Udrea”


Former Development Minister Elena Udrea, currently placed under house arrest in the Bute Boxing Gala case, reacted on Monday on Facebook to the racy details revealed by Adriana Saftoiu in her book, details concerning the relation between former president Traian Basescu and Elena Udrea.

“Today it is very profitable to talk about Elena Udrea. It is regrettable that a person with certain qualities, who could gain from something other than gossip and filth, stoops down to selling boudoir stories made-up out of envy and frustration. In life I stood to suffer a lot on account of the envy and meanness of some women who sacrificed anything only in order to attempt to hurt me.

Fortunately for me, I am blessed because I don’t hate, I don’t hold grudges and I know what loyalty and gratitude means. Unlike Adriana, I was not photographed leaving obscure apartments after meeting other women’s husbands.

I never allowed myself to behave disrespectfully toward the Romanian President, toward his family, even though we are connected by a partnership of almost 11 years.

I blame Adriana Saftoiu’s innuendos on her own unfulfillments in the relation with Traian Basescu and I wish she would find her peace of mind,” Elena Udrea wrote.





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