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October 2, 2022

Traian Basescu: I am not afraid of being arrested and of the evolution of the files, I know that I have always respected the law

Traian Basescu declared on Sunday night at the show “Politician File”, broadcasted by B1 TV and hosted by Silviu Manastire, regarding the reopening of the files that were initially closed, that Tiberiu Nitu started to be a former president hunter.

“It is a hunt”, the ex-President stated.

He declared that he was not afraid of being arrested, even if the “Casa Mihaileanu” File was reopened.

“I am not afraid of the evolution of the files, regardless of whether it is the Mihaileanu file, the land file, money laundering or any other file. I know that I have always respected the law”, Basescu declared.

“I knew that Nitu was a terrorist hunter at the Revolution. Now I see that he had started to be a former president hunter. I personally think it is an exaggeration after these files were closed, not for the immunity of the president, but for the fact that the offence was not committed”, Basescu replied the question whether Basescu and Ponta want him in prison.

“The Prime Minister said yesterday again that he waited for breaking news that Basescu joined Udrea to prison, he said this at a great assembly a week ago. And Nitu is not the man to show ingratitude to the person who proposed him. Perhaps he wants another term and he must pay attention because nominations for General Prosecutor are made in the Government”, the former President outlined.


Traian Basescu, about the Forestry Code: Ponta and Iohannis pretended to have a conflict. The issue is how many trees we cut


Traian Basescu declared on Sunday night that, concerning the Forestry Code, Prime Minister Victor Ponta and President Klaus Iohannis simulated a conflict because the true issue is the excessive cutting of forests in Romania.

“Iohannis and Ponta are playing a game that leaves Romanians with the impression that export is limited to 30 per cent. The issue is the amplitude of deforestation. Both simulated, they pretended they had a fight, as the issue is not the amount of timber we export, but the number of trees we cut, legally and illegally. We cut too many trees even legally. Romania should enter a program of maximum restriction of tree cuts”, the former Head of the state declared.


“Dragnea’s conviction is not proof of defrauding. If anyone is guilty, I think it is the servant at the voting station.”


The former Head of the state declared on Sunday night, regarding the Referendum file, that he did not consider it was necessarily Liviu Dragnea’s fault, although he was convicted in this file. It was actually the fault of employees in the voting stations, who had put the signature of one person hundreds of times.

“Liviu Dragnea’s conviction is not proof that the referendum was defrauded.  The proof is at the voting stations. I had hundreds of copies that show there  was the same signature from top to bottom of people who never got to the voting stations.

I think that the one who is guilty is the servant in the voting station who violated the law. The ones who should have been convicted were the heads of voting stations, who had introduced bulletins for people who did not attend the voting, and it happened in thousands of places”, the former Head of the state declared.


Florian Coldea was appointed after he had attended the rescue of the Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq. I would appoint Coldea and Kovesi again, but not Nitu, definitely


Basescu also declared on Sunday evening that he did not regret appointing in their  positions General Florian Coldea, presently the Deputy of the Commanding Officer of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and Laura Codruta Kovesi, head prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate. When it comes to Romania’s General Prosecutor Tiberiu Nitu, things change radically.

The former president had appointed Florian Coldea in his position after the latter had done field work as a Colonel, during the operation of rescuing Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq.

“I would be discontent if anyone thought that a First Deputy at SRI was appointed based on his relations. Florian Coldea was appointed First Deputy after the success of the rescue operation of the three journalists in Iraq, attended by him on the field. At that time, he was the Deputy of the Head of the Anti-Terrorist Squad”, Basescu mentioned in the TV show “Politician File”, broadcasted by B1 TV and hosted by Silviu Manastire.

“I am not disappointed by anyone. I would name Ms. Kovesi once again, too. I would not appoint Nitu, because he plays dirty little games. Kovesi kept her promise and followed Morar’s direction”, Basescu replied to the question whether he was disappointed by Florian Coldea.


Harsh message after being accused of an arrangement with Ponta and Iohannis: Dear crooks, I am not available even when I am alone.


Ex-President Traian Basescu published on his Facebook page a message dedicated to Iohannis and Ponta. The present head of the state accused the Prime Minister of having made an arrangement with the Prime Minister, while Ponta said that Iohannis had made a deal with the former President.

In this context, Traian Basescu outlined the fact that he was not available “even when he is alone”.

“I am not available.

I see that, in the last few days, the game of the 2014 presidential campaign was restarted.

A few crooks stuffed in the past by Pro-Basescu deontology I had never asked for or presently holding the highest position in the state attribute me to a deal with Victor Ponta while other crooks, the traditional ones try to attribute me to an arrangement with the arrogant, unscrupulous and self-sufficient person interviewed live by ARD.

My dear friends, I am not available, even when I am alone.

Of this message, my dear crooks, understand what you are ordered to”, Traian Basescu wrote.


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