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May 16, 2021

750 troops from Bulgaria, Romania and the United States participate in Platinum Eagle 15 military exercise: US Embassy’s Thompson praises cooperation of multinational forces

The collaboration between Romanian and American armed forces in military exercises is an example for both countries, Charge d’affaires ad interim Dean Thompson (photo) of the US Embassy in Romania asserted on Tuesday, at the firing range of the Romanian Marines Battalion of Babadag. He was there on the Distinguished Visitors Day of the Platinum Eagle 15 multinational training module.

Thompson pointed out the troops were trained to fight in real combat; he voiced his highest appreciation for the Romanian, Bulgarian and American troops for working together and for supporting each other in a beautiful example of collaboration.

Platinum Eagle 15 is a part of the training within the Black Sea Rotational Force (BSRF). More than 750 soldiers of Bulgaria, Romania and the United States participate to increase their professional capabilities and the interoperability.

“It is a unique exercise, as it gathers all categories of forces – land, air and naval. The exercises planned for this year will continue; they are welcome, as some of them were long overdue. The commanders told me there was no Danube River crossing mission on a pontoon bridge since 2008,” Defence Minister Mircea Dusa declared.

He reminded that Romania has two ongoing programmes to modernize its defence, starting with establishing the first F16 aircrafts squadron. The Ministry of Defence will invest 1.5 billion lei this year in the modernization and military infrastructure, including the airfield of Campia Turzii and the missile defence base of Deveselu.

MV-22B Osprey aircrafts participated in the exercise on the Distinguished Visitors Day, in a premiere for Eastern Europe. They are capable of vertical takeoff and landing, combining the functionalities of helicopters and airplanes.

BSRF is a multiannual exercise in the Black Sea, Balkans and Caucasus region, under the command of the US Marine Corps Forces Command in Europe and Africa. It aims at increasing the interoperability by joint training of troops for the participation in peacekeeping and counterinsurgency operations, Agerpres informs.


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