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September 24, 2021

ANOFM reports more than 19,400 job vacancies nationwide

As of May 25, there were 19,499 job vacancies reported by Romania’s National Employment Agency (ANOFM) nationwide, with most of them being recorded in the central county of Cluj (3,139), Bucharest City (2,462) and the western county of Arad (1,058), according to an ANOFM press release issued on Monday.
Data released by business operators show the smallest number of job openings were in the south western county of Mehedinti (41), the western county of Caras-Severin (18) and the eastern county of Bacau (8).
Nationwide, there were 1,448 job openings for university graduates, most of them being computer programmers (93), mechanical engineers (76), software system engineers (69), analysts (45) and physics researchers (41).
For high school and vocational school graduates as well as unqualified workers, there were 18,051 job openings, most of them – 1,281 – as textiles manufacturing/assembly workers, unqualified parts assembly/installation workers (1,256), commercial workers (891), unqualified clothing workers (860), freight handlers (529), cashiers (507), truck/heavy-good-vehicle drivers (494), industrial manufacturers of spun, knitted, synthetic clothing (481), security officers (478) and sales assistants (416).


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