ArcelorMittal Galati continues its program to increase efficiency of its operations

The new state of the art de-mineralized water station started its production, with excellent initial results. The investment, amounting to 4.75 million Euros, represents a collaboration between ArcelorMittal Galati and Nalco – Ecolab, a specialized company which will operate the installation.

“The new facility enables us to become more self sufficient in respect to the necessary raw materials for our operations”, said Bruno Ribo, chief executive officer of ArcelorMittal Galati. “It will also translate into lower production costs, with a positive impact on our operations and production processes, and, ultimately on the efficiency of our plant. In a highly competitive international market, with companies that have lower costs with raw materials, the cost reduction policy ensures the competitiveness of our business and the future of our operations.”

The station uses the technology of “reverse osmosis” and consists of five operational units that ensure a volume of 550 m³/hour of de-mineralized water, sufficient for the current consumption.

The de-mineralized water is an important technical fluid used for producing the steam for the turbo-blowers and for various processes at the converters and continuous casting (steel melting shop) and for the pickling line.

The investment is part of ArcelorMittal Europe’s “Energize” Project, which is focused on reducing energy consumption and covers a wide range of areas, from energy-efficient equipment and processes to office activities, involving all parts of the business, from operations, to maintenance, investment and purchasing.

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