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December 6, 2022

Ion Cristoiu: Adriana Saftoiu’s book buries Klaus Iohannis’ from a media point of view

“Cotroceni Chronicle”, the latest book written by Traian Basescu’s former spokesperson, Adriana Saftoiu and launched at the Bookfest International Book Salon continues to make waves.By this book, the author sets a new perspective on several events that had defined the Romanian politics of the last few years. The book is almost a journal and describes how employees of the Presidency feared the bad moods of the ex-President, without avoiding topics such as Elena Udrea’s influence.

The journalist Ion Cristoiu says the release of Adriana Saftoiu’s book which he calls ‘a masterpiece of key hole peeping into top-level politics’ has buried the book launched at the same time, still on Bookfest 2015, by President Klaus Iohannis, from a media point of view. ‘The press of all colours and all claims – including the one that calls itself quality media – dashed to the book signed by Adriana Saftoiu. Iohannis’ book ‘The First step’ has been forgotten about’, the journalist states in his column. ‘Instead of discussing his relationship with Victor Ponta, how he won elections, the overwhelming role of the wife in keeping up his electoral optimism, the discussion is if Traian Basescu and Traian Basescu were making up after the office hours, and if another woman, Adriana Saftoiu, could have walked in on them during such moments’, Cristoiu also said.



Cozmin Gusa: Adriana Saftoiu’s accounts are highly accurate


The political consultant Cozmin Gusa said on Realitatea TV that Adriana Saftoiu’s accounts in her ‘Cotroceni Chronicle’ volume were highly accurate – 95% accurate – adding that he could confirm almost everything written in the book, especially the parts where he is mentioned. On the other hand, Gusa said that, in his opinion it is deontological for Saftoiu to have written the book but that he was unable to say if ‘from a human point of view’, it was a fair thing, since she and Traian Basescu did not end their cooperation under the best conditions.

‘Blaga and Saftoiu especially tried to help him (ex-President Traian Basescu – editor’s note) be a good and professional president. They are two people who have fully demonstrated their loyalty. From this point of view, the book is most welcome as it reveals many sides of the ‘patient’ Traian Basescu – see the famous book ‘Same sick people who rule us’. It was Adriana Saftoiu’s duty to write this book, especially after the end of the two terms’, said the consultant.

Gusa noted what Saftoiu had written in her book was very accurate: ‘I find that what she wrote there is highly accurate. I believe that the 95% truth is a good percentage, especially in the scenes we were mentioning, that’s a good percentage. Things were a bit altered for the scenes where she was not present, but I think 95 is a good percentage’, Cozmin Gusa also said.

‘If they had remained in amicable relations, if Basescu had not annoyed her with all sorts of allusions, maybe this book would have never been born. But this is life, it is made up of interactions – some positive, some negative. The two of them now share a negative interaction. The person that walked out of it frustrated and somehow publicly blames was Adriana Saftoiu, who has now taken revenge. But I don’t think this is against deontology, I repeat’, the consultant also said.

On Traian Basescu and Udrea’s responses to the book, Cozmin Gusa said:

‘The reaction of the two is natural and consistent with the times. Traian Basescu needs to defend his credibility that was badly hurt by what Adriana Saftoiu said. This is his stake. As for Elena Udrea, I think it was pretty elegant for Adriana Saftoiu to say that Udrea could have still had a political future if Traian Basescu had not been her consultant. For the rest, regarding the mundane aspects, it’s hard to say of Udrea should have responded to a rather explicit suggestion made by Adriana Saftoiu as to her influence over Traian Basescu. However, this is a ground where I cannot and will not walk, because I don’t know too many things about the subject’, Cozmin Gusa concluded.


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