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May 24, 2022

Romanians in U.S. write to K. Iohannis: Designate another ambassador in Maior’s place

A group of Romanians from newspapers and Romanian community organizations in the U.S .wrote to President Iohannis, asking him to reconsider his decision to nominate George Maior as ambassador to the US and to designate a different person “that would have credibility in order to cooperate with Romanian communities.”

The letter addressed to President Klaus Iohannis is signed by approximately 40 Romanians, representatives of newspapers and NGOs, and was published on Wednesday by the North American Romanian Press Association (NARPA).

The signatories ask President Iohannis to reconsider his decision to nominate George Cristian Maior as Romanian ambassador to Washington D.C., claiming that appointing a former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Director as ambassador to the US “will automatically create a wall that will make the cooperation between the Embassy and the community almost impossible.”

“Moreover, given the fact that the SRI has assumed the past of the former Securitate, nominating Mr. Maior would reopen deep wounds in the Romanian community in the US, wounds that have barely healed after 25 years. Likewise, two recent cases show us that SRI, under the leadership of Mr. Maior, moved away from the standards of an intelligence service in a democracy, taking enormous steps backward in the process of reformation. The first case has to do with SRI’s involvement in the judiciary, which has already sparked unprecedented reactions from Romanian magistrates,” the signatories claim, Mediafax informs.

The signatories also complain about “SRI’s involvement in politics” during the period in which the institution was led by George Maior.

“The Romanian community in the US got actively involved in many actions in Romania’s favour; however it cannot unconditionally legitimize someone who has created such a system of control over Romanian society, a system that recalls the former Securitate. After 25 years since the fall of the communist regime the biggest danger for Romanian society is the existence of an uncontrollable institution that moves, sees and hears everything. The press has reported that during the hearings within Parliament’s joint foreign relations commissions Mr. Maior stated that a constant preoccupation of his project as an ambassador will be to consolidate the relation with the Romanian community. Unfortunately, the appointment of Mr. Maior as Romania’s ambassador to the US will not only fail to consolidate the Embassy’s relation with the Romanian community but will also weaken it. (…) The enormous potential that the community in the US has to support Romania can be put to maximum use only if a non-controversial person holds the position of ambassador. Given the fact that the approval of Parliament’s joint foreign relations commissions is only consultative, the final decision on nominating Mr. Maior as ambassador to the United States belongs exclusively to you. That is why we ask you to seriously consider nominating another person as Romanian ambassador to the US, a person that would inspire trust and with whom we can cooperate in order to continue to help Romania,” the Romanians that sign the letter addressed to President Klaus Iohannis add.

On May 20, George Maior received the joint foreign relation commissions’ approval to become ambassador to the US, pointing out during the hearings that it is inadmissible for the US to be only the 11th-biggest investor in Romania.


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