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May 17, 2022

The Farmers’ National Conference 2015: President Iohannis supports transforming Romanian agriculture into real source of economic development

In a message remitted to the Farmers’ National Conference, President Klaus Iohannis states that “transforming the Romanian agriculture into a real source of economic development is vital,” and considers that in this domain Romania needs “maybe more than ever an assumed political stance” and “an integrated vision.”

The message points out that Romania has taken important steps when it comes to European integration, “however agriculture and the Romanian village have seen the most modest progress, because the jump to modernity is still late in showing.”

‘In my view, the agriculture is a vital field for Romania’s development. This is precisely why we have to carefully address its problems and challenges. It is essential to transform the Romanian agriculture into a real source of economic development, by supporting the farmers’ performance and revenues,’ the President’s message reads.

“Romania needs, maybe more than ever, an assumed political stance on agriculture, in connection to its chances of development. Romania needs an integrated vision that would formulate priorities and directions of development. Restructuring farms, modernizing the rural area and unblocking its economic potential, the absorption of European funds and administrative simplification represent clear directions in which we have to take determined steps. It’s not enough to be aware of the fact that we have an immense agricultural potential, we also have to make sure the Romanian farmer would become an important pawn in the architecture of the Romanian economy,” the Head of State said.

He emphasizes that at European level “we need to defend and promote the interests of Romanian agriculture, not just in what concerns the new financial outlook of the Common Agricultural Policy but in any sense that can benefit Romanian farmers.”

‘I share your vision: authentic performance requires the industrialization of agriculture and the modernization of the rural infrastructure. For a performing agriculture, the cadastral works must be completed quickly. The small farm must stop being only an informal means of social protection; instead, it must generate economic motivation and a reward proportional to the commercial performances,’ Iohannis mentioned in his message

The Farmers’ National Conference 2015 was organized by the League of the Associations of Agricultural Producers in Romania (LAPAR). Over 1,000 farmers from all over the country attended the event.


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