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January 31, 2023

Vote by post – theme for PNL’s no-confidence vote

National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chairperson Alina Gorghiu on Monday said PM Victor Ponta breaks fundamental human rights by his refusal to publicly discuss the law on the vote by post – says an interview she offered to ziare.com website on 26 May. The Liberals are getting ready to initiate a no-confidence vote on 5 June, the theme being the vote by post.

‘If the vote of the Romanians in the Diaspora is resolved by the fact that Ponta will leave this motion without a subject, I would be happy. But the chance that Ponta continues to ignore the idea of distance voting is 99.9%’, Alina Gorghiu told ziare.com. She claims that Ponta has repeatedly refused to talk about the subject, therefore there is little chance that the law may be adopted before the no-confidence vote in Parliament.

The PNL official says the legislative project should be adopted before the end of the current season, because, if adopted in the autumn, it would not apply to the 2016 parliamentary election.

Alina Gorghiu expects ‘the theme or debate will be so intense as to put the kind of pressure on the Ponta Cabinet to be able to have the law on the vote by post by the end of June’.

The PNL Co-president said that choice of the topic for the no-confidence vote against the Ponta Government was motivated by the premier’s lack of interest in the legislative proposal. ‘We have long thought about the topic. We started from the atrocity of November, for which there is one guilty entity – the Government of Romania. The prevention of the right to vote did not occur because the Parliament would not let Romanians exercise it, it was Ponta and his ministers’ fault’, Gorghiu said.


Alina Gorghiu: ‘We’ll talk to every MP’”


PNL Co-president Alina Gorghiu said on a TV station, speaking about the planned no-confidence vote theme – the vote by post – was not negotiable and that Premier Victor Ponta would ‘do the impossible not to come to a vote with his MPs in the hall’, about the document.

“I not only find it a national interest topic, I find that this topic is not to be negotiated. We shall discuss about the censure motion form with each parliamentary group and with each parliament member, we shall discuss about adding some ideas and topics they find important because neither me not Vasile Blaga are close-minded to say that we have a censure motion project which cannot be improved, but changing the topic and giving up the idea of defending those in the diaspora for one or two additional votes is something I will never do,” the PNL leader told Realitatea TV private television broadcaster. She underscored that correspondence voting is a very important topic. “The voting in the diaspora is a topic that means defending a fundamental right. There would have been one million topics that we could have invoked in a censure motion – how the PSD [Social Democratic Party] reports to Justice, the Sova case, the tip taxing ordinance, everything you wish, because the series of governmental abuses has been constant, but I believe that the elective franchise is a project the PSD defied not only one time,” Gorghiu said.

The PNL co-chairperson also said that “Victor Ponta will do the impossible in order to not reach a vote with his MPs in the chamber” on the censure motion, arguing that he fears the debate on this topic.

She also made an appeal to the PSD MPs to vote the censure motion.

National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chairperson also said that the first to resign from office in case PNL reaches governance and doesn’t observe the announced programme will be Catalin Predoiu, the prime minister supported by the party, adding that the Liberal country project is ambitious, but realistic.

“Predoiu will be the first to resign if he doesn’t fulfil the governance programme. But I have the conviction (…) that, with PNL’s political support, a Predoiu cabinet will manage to set Romania on the right track. I am not saying he will do wonders overnight and he hasn’t promised this either and no one will promise wonders anymore, but we believe it is a realistic programme. It is a programme that must generate welfare for the citizens of Romania and I believe that things should no longer be done in a chaotic manner. If people and the business environment reproach anything to Ponta is that he doesn’t have a horizon, he doesn’t know where he’s going,” the PNL co-chairperson said, when asked if the Liberal leaders will resign from offices in case PNL reaches governance based on the recently launched programme and doesn’t observe the measures found in the document.

Gorghiu added that the PNL governance programme is “an ambitious, but realistic one.”

“It is an ambitious programme, but it is a realistic programme. The difference between us and the PSD is that we shall not come with documents impressing Romanians and which in reality cannot be implemented,” the PNL co-chairperson said, when asked about the sustainability of the PNL governance programme.

Gorghiu also mentioned that the PNL governance programme encompasses very good sectoral measures. “We have placed the citizens at the centre of this governance programme. We are thinking of the two strategic areas, Health and Education, which we will supply with a corresponding budget. We have a calculation and we are taking into account the demographic policies, too, infrastructure is an as important area, but the most important thing is to bring Romania to the level of the European states. There is a level difference and I believe by implementing this country programme we can reach convergence with the EU states,” the PNL co-chair also said.


Catalin Predoiu: ‘We work every day for the no-confidence to be adopted’


PNL Prime Vice-President Catalin Predoiu said on Tuesday that the no-confidence vote announced for June was an action the Liberals were obliged to initiate, ‘not only to the Diaspora, but all Romanians’, and said he was optimistic about the chance of success in Parliament.

‘I assure you that we work every day with the colleagues in Parliament, first of all, the co-presidents of PNL, leaders of parliamentary group of PNL work on a daily basis for the no-confidence vote to be adopted’, Predoiu answered a questioned from RFI of he was trustful the no-confidence vote would be successful.

He also explained that the Liberals would try to convince the UDMR MPs to support the motion ‘through arguments, explaining not just the text, but also what would happen after the adoption of the motion, explaining the ruling programme and its objectives’.

The prime vice-president of PNL also said the initiation of a no-confidence vote was a compulsory action owed to all Romanian citizens.

The legislative bill introducing the possibility to vote by post was tabled at the Chamber of Deputies by PNL on 30 March.

PNL did not vote for the law on distance voting initiated by Eugen Tomac in November. Alina Gorghiu says there has to be a political consensus over very important laws like the one regulating the vote by post, which should be agreed on by all parties.

Alina Gorghiu also says she has not yet discussed the text of the motion with the members of UDMR, in spite of the fact that it has been criticised by MP Marton Arpad, deputy leader of the UDMR group in the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the official data available on the Parliament website, quoted by hotnews.ro, PNL, with the support of non-affiliated MPs, UDMR and minorities, would still need 58 votes to have their motion adopted.



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