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November 27, 2020

Romania compelled by the ECHR to pay 55 M euro in past 20 years

Romania was compelled by the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) from 1994 to 2014 to pay over 55 million euro, representing the amount of the costs in civil and criminal matters in these 20 years.

The data were presented on Tuesday by justice Dragos Calin in the ‘Potentially responsible authorities for convictions by Romania to the ECHR. 20 years (1994-2014) in ten volumes,’ conference, that took place at the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) headquarters.

Until December 31 2014, Romania has been compelled to paying a total amount of 55,037,217 euro, of which 3,311,891 euro following the amicable agreements and 51,725,326 euro after some ECHR conviction decisions. The second sum is made of the forcing of the Romanian state to pay some material damage worth 45,939,097 euro, moral damage of 4,940,551 euro, as well as some court costs worth 845,678 euro.

On January 1 2015, the Court in Strasbourg was recording approximately 69,900 complaints. Four states were holding two-thirds of the complaints: 19.5 pct were against Ukraine, 14.4 pct against Italy, 14.3 pct against Russia and 13.6 pct against Turkey.

‘Romania has climbed to the fifth position with 3,400 complaints (4.9 pct), but on a strong descent as compared to January 1 2013, when it had 8,700 complaints (6.8 pct),’ justice Dragos Calin said.

In 2014, the decisions of the Court regarding Romania totaled 87.

Last year, following the Court’s decisions for the violation of the Additional provisions of the Convention or the Protocols, the Romanian state was convicted to pay 2,342,975 euro.

As regards the potentially responsible authorities for 2014, the legislative is responsible in 63.01 pct of the files which received a conviction decision (46 files), the executive power – in 54.79 pct (40 files), the judiciary power is responsible in 46.57 pct (34 files), and the Public Ministry for 17.8 pct (13 files).


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