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April 11, 2021

Aurescu: Romania’s participation in peace-keeping missions, a confirmation of its commitment towards UN Charter principles

Romania’s presence with civil and military staff in peace-keeping missions is a confirmation of its commitment towards the UN Charter’s values and principles, the Romanian Foreign Affairs minister, Bogdan Aurescu said on Friday, on the Blue Helmets International Day.

According to a press release by the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) sent to Agerpres, the UN member states are honouring on this very day all of those participating in the international peace-keeping missions, this year’s motto being ‘Together for Peace.’ The day of May 29 is dedicated at the same time, to the memory of those who have sacrificed their lives under the United Nations’ flag, in such operations.

‘On behalf of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, I send all the gratitude for the contribution of the Romanian civil and military staff in the missions unfurled outside the Romanian territory, both under the UN aegis and the European Union’s, the NATO’s and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)’s, regional political and of security organisations our country is a part of,’ Aurescu added.

Romania’s contribution to the UN peace-keeping operations record a total amount of 96 participants (57 police, 37 military experts and 2 military).

Romania’s participation in peace-keeping missions under UN mandate was initiated at the beginning of the 1990s and knew an ascending trend, the MAE specified. Of the Romanian staff in UN peace-keeping missions are people belonging to the National Defence Ministry (MApN), the Interior Ministry (MAI), the Protection and Guard Service (SPP) and the Justice Ministry (MJ).

The participation in the peace-keeping operations allows the Romanian personnel to accumulate an important international experience, as well as to increase inter-operability with similar formations of other nations, the possibility offered by the collaboration with staff (military and civil) coming from other countries, from other continents, with another operational culture, respectively.


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