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February 25, 2021

Iohannis on the Day of Romanians Everywhere: Adoption of law ensuring expression of right to vote for Romanians abroad is a priority

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Sunday in a message on the Day of Romanians Everywhere that the adoption of a law that offers the possibility to all Romanians abroad to express their right to vote is a priority.

“If we want for Romanians to be respected in the world, unacceptable situations such as those happening last year in November, must never be repeated. In this sense, the adoption of a law that offers the possibility to all Romanians abroad to express their right to vote remains a priority. It is not only a constitutional obligation of the political class to find a rapid solution to this problem, but especially a proof of minimal respect for our citizens abroad,” Iohannis emphasized in the message.

The President states that he “will always be the guarantor of assuring and respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Romanians” and that he is working on a project for assembling a Consultative Council of Romanians abroad.

“You, the Romanians everywhere, participate directly in the promotion of our country’s image in the world. You are contributing to the development of the societies in which you work and live, but you are also part of Romania’s evolution. That is why I undertook identifying ways in which the mechanisms of dialogue, consultation and representation can be improved. In this sense, the project regarding the assembling of a Consultative Council of Romanians abroad is in development,” the President’s message also shows.

Finally, Klaus Iohannis requests the support of Romanians abroad in order to “build a prosperous Romania”.

“One of the commitments I have assumed is to build a prosperous Romania, that offers chances and opportunities to each of us, a country in which we can live with dignity. I firmly believe it is an accomplishable goal, but I also know we cannot achieve it unless we are united, working together. I, thus, call you to stand with me in building the Romania we want, the Romania to which you’d be pleased to return to!,” the President concluded.


Foreign Minister  Aurescu: MAE will continue to promote Romanian identity values outside borders


Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu extended, on Sunday, to all Romanians abroad the warmest wishes on the occasion of the Day of Romanians Everywhere.

“This year we celebrate for the first time the Day of Romanians Everywhere on the last Sunday of May. On this occasion, I send the warmest wishes to all Romanians abroad! The Day of Romanians Everywhere represents the most opportune occasion to remind ourselves to treasure together our common values: the Romanian language, the national symbols, the authentic traditions of our people. Many happy returns to all Romanians abroad!”, said the dignitary in his message posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) website.

According to him, MAE will continue to give priority in the promotion of Romanian identity values outside borders.



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