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April 16, 2021

Prince of Wales meets President Iohannis, expresses willingness to assist Romania in implementing good practices in environment protection

Exactly one year after his previous welcome   at the Cotroceni Palace by the then President Traian Basescu, the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, was warmly received on Sunday at Cotroceni Palace by President Klaus Iohannis.

According to a press release of the Presidential Administration, HRH the Prince of Wales, recalled, at the beginning of the meeting, his first visit to Sibiu. He appreciated how Sibiu developed during the mayoral terms of Klaus Iohannis, thus helping to protect historical and cultural heritage of Transylvania. President Klaus Iohannis praised the Prince of Wales’  involvement in maintaining of specific Transylvanian communities and encouraging environmental protection and biodiversity in the area.

The release mentions  that another topic of discussion was the common concern for the enhancement of the natural and historical heritage throughout Romania. The Romanian President emphasized that special importance will be given during his tenure to the heritage preservation, preservation of historical traditions and environmental protection. In this context, the Prince of Wales mentioned the successful experience of national parks in the UK and expressed  the British side’s willingness to support the Romanian authorities to implement good practices in this field.

During the meeting, The Prince of Wales thanked Romania for its sustained contribution in the theaters of operations  and in combating international terrorism. In addition, the President of Romania and Prince Charles expressed  joint concern for the  developments in Romania’s eastern vicinity and especially in Ukraine. At the end of the meeting, the Prince of Wales has addressed to President Iohannis the invitation to visit the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, invitation accepted by the Romanian head of state, the press release shows.

Prince Charles, who’s on a private visit to Romania,  has been visiting this country since 1998. He comes often on holiday here, at his property in Viscri, until recently an isolated village on the outskirts of Brasov county. The village has taken life after Prince Charles has bought a property there, for which he paid 15,000 euros. His property has four bedrooms, barn and garden and over the year is rented to tourists, who must shell out £ 670 a week. Now, the picturesque Transylvanian village with 400 inhabitants is visited annually by more than 10,000 tourists, mostly foreigners. Prince Charles came to be regarded as a promoter of a positive image of Romania in the world.

At the same time, real estate prices soared.

Prince of Wales holds at least ten housing in Romania owned personally, or by the Foundation “Mihai Eminescu Trust”. After his first visit he paid in Transylvania, in 1998, Prince Charles has become a great lover of traditions, culture and wild landscapes of this region Romanian history, which he also often promoted. In the documentary “Wild Carpathia”, published and distributed worldwide, the heir to the British throne appears as a true ambassador of Romania.

The Foundation  has been active in Romania since 2000 and has saved so far from destruction 100 hectares of apple plantation in Mălâncrav, where he developed a line of bottling apple juice.

Besides, the Foundation has developed dozens of projects for conservation and enhancement of rural communities in Transylvania. A few years ago, the  Prince inaugurated in Saschiz, Mures County, a center for processing of organic products, where residents can sell their traditional food and drinks.


President Iohannis after meeting with Prince Charles: He is a man who treasures Romania


President Klaus Iohannis states that the meeting with Prince Charles on Sunday, at the Cotroceni Palace, was a pleasure and that he is a man who treasures Romania and promotes the Transylvania wherever he goes in the world.

“I met today, at the Cotroceni Palace, with Prince Charles, a man who treasures Romania and who promotes our Transylvanian places wherever he goes in the world. It was a pleasure to meet him, I am glad he is representing us and that he speaks of Romania as a part of his soul”, said Iohannis on his Facebook wall.





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