DNA asks for quashing of court decision in Rarinca case, Rarinca is hopeful to encounter “fair judges” like those who acquitted her

The National Anticorruption Directorate  (DNA) on Friday asked for the quashing of the court decision handed down in the case of Mariana Rarinca, the woman accused of blackmail by the President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, Livia Stanciu.

The DNA prosecutors filed a contestation with the Court of Appeal of Bucharest against the decision made by judges Risantea Gagescu and Damian Dolache to finally acquit Mariana Rarinca, on grounds of incompatibility. DNA claims one of the members of the panel – judge Risantea Gagescu who acquitted Rarinca was incompatible.

Judge Risantea Gagescu last year ran for a position as a judge with the High Court of Cassation and Justice, but her candidacy was declined by a board where High Court chief Livia Stanciu was a member. During the job interview, the two judges exchanged some legal opinions, after Risantea Găgescu had reportedly asserted that she couldn’t be bothered to conduct judicial investigation and administer evidence as she preferred to acquit a defendant as long as she was not 100% certain of his/her guilt.

Mariana Rarinca was referred to Court by DNA on 1 July 2014, charged with blackmailing Livia Stanciu.

In the indictment, DNA stats that, in August/September 2013 – June 2014, Mariana Rarinca threatened Stanciu to expose imaginary facts that would have compromised her and her husband. According to DNA, in exchange for not disclosing such allegedly compromising facts, Mariana Rarinca asked EUR 20,000 of judge Stanciu.

Rarinca was acquitted by the Court of Appeal of Bucharest last week. The decision is final. The Court admitted the defendant’s appeal, after having been convicted by the Bucharest Tribunal in December 2014, when she received a three-year suspended sentence.


Rarinca: I was near the Stanciu family for a lo0ng time, I know a lot


Mariana Rarinca, the lady who has been acquitted in the blackmail case concerning High Court head Livia Stanciu, made a series of disclosures about Stanciu Saturday night. ‘There are cases which may hurt Livia Stanciu’s image, I know about those cases’, Rarinca said.

She said the alleged cases concerned her late husband. At the same time, she confessed that she had changed her good opinion about judge Stanciu in the autumn of 2013, when it had become clear to her that she was not going to get her EUR 2,400 back from Livia Stanciu.

‘Since the autumn of 2013, when I realised that I wasn’t going to get my money back (…) It became clear I wasn’t going to get my money back from Livia Stanciu. I think SRI can publish the calls’, said the woman who fights with Livia Stanciu, psnews.ro report.

Asked how she felt when she heard about DNA’s contestation for having the decision quashed, Rarinca answered: ‘I was outraged. Not so much fearful, as outraged. I now expect to encounter another 2 or 3 fair judges, like those who acquitted me’.

‘I know why the justice system is harassing me. I texted Livia Stanciu asking her to repay what she owed me. (…) Even after that message, she sent me a new provocative message, asking me to tell her how much it was. I replied that I will fax her to the High Court a paper describing all the sums she owed me and that I will tell the press what had happened to me. That is when I believe Mrs. Stanciu panicked. (…) I have even written to the prime-minister and CSM’, Mariana Rarinca said.









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