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May 17, 2021

PM Ponta: Referendum before joining Eurozone, a democratic measure

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday said that organising a referendum on the topic of Romania’s joining the Eurozone would be a democratic measure.

“I had a very good, informal discussion with Romania’s President, the National Bank of Romania Governor, the Finance Minister, after which the President will also initiate formal discussions, but in the formula Government- BNR-Parliament-employer’s associations-trade unions, in order to make a calendar, a working group, and if necessary, from a political viewpoint, we shall also organise a referendum. I haven’t thought of that right now, but I don’t know if it is a bad idea, it could be a good idea,” Ponta said at the Palace of Parliament.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday presented before the Deputies Chamber ‘The State of Romanian Economy’, as part of ‘The Prime Minister’s Question Time’ programme.

He added that setting the objective of July 1, 2019, for joining the Eurozone is, in the first place, a symbolic date, taking into account that Romania will hold the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second semester of 2019, and, in the second place, it is a feasible date.

“Of course for this we must make important efforts and the public communication side is very important. Namely we mustn’t force people to join Eurozone, they must want and understand what the advantages are, what the disadvantages are and I even believe that probably a referendum, before actually joining the Eurozone, would be a democratic measure,” the Prime Minister underscored.


Romania’s economic prospects look very good; however, there are three challenges to be considered”


The head of Government  also stated that, although Romania’s economic prospects look very good at present, there are also challenges that need to be faced, represented by populism, political instability and regional tensions, which might be overcome provided that there existed a good cooperation between the Government, Parliament, the Presidency, the National Bank of Romania (BNR), the business milieu and the trade unions.

‘The future looks very good, but there are still three challenges that we need to deal with and I will present them to Parliament right now. First of all, there is the populism, which, unfortunately, I see that it is being used as the only weapon against a high performing economy. Second of all, there is the political instability and I think that this Parliament and this Government will be able to carry out their governing programme to a good end, in order to ensure the stability and predictability of the economic life. Third of all, there are the regional tensions that, while working together, the Parliament, the Government, the National Bank and the Presidency, the business and unionist environments, we can prevent, or we can prepare Romania for any kind of negative effects that might be triggered by a possible regional crisis,’ the Prime Minister on Tuesday stated at the Deputies Chamber.


Ponta on PM’s question time: A good idea that should be kept in parliamentary tradition


Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday said the PM’s question time is a good idea that should be kept in parliamentary tradition.

‘The prime minister’s question time, probably of British inspiration, entails the prime minister presenting issues and answering to questions. This time it was not like that, but anyhow, I believe we have to improve it and keep it in parliamentary tradition so that it will reach some objectives: firstly, we should introduce the topic and what I managed to do in five minutes, amidst vociferations from the room, was to show the economic results, where we are, what we have to do in the future and what the dangers are that we have to avoid; it should also be an opportunity for the Opposition to say what the government does not do well and what they should do and how, as normal in any democracy. That will probably happen eventually,’ Ponta told Parliament.




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