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December 6, 2022

PNL’s censure motion depends on “arithmetical calculus”

PNL will file its no-confidence motion against the government on Friday, the leaders of Liberal parliamentary groups being set to hold talks on this document until Thursday, National Liberal Party (PNL) Spokesperson Ionut Stroe (photo) stated on Tuesday, Agerpres informs.

“This week is the week in which PNL will file the no-confidence motion in Parliament, Friday being the day selected for this initiative. Until Thursday our leaders will present the no-confidence motion and will file the draft text proposed by PNL to all other parliamentary groups, in order to reach a no-confidence motion backed by as many MPs as possible and to ensure the success of this initiative,” Stroe stated after the PNL merger commission’s meeting.

He reiterated that the theme of the no-confidence motion “is a vital one for Romanian democracy and comes to sanction the abusive behaviour of the current government in what concerns blocking the exercise of an elementary democratic right in this country – the right to vote.”

Stroe pointed out that the group leaders will hold talks with the other groups until Thursday in order to improve and win support for the no-confidence motion.

“We rely on any MP’s good faith and openness to a real debate. The actual mathematical calculus of the structures of parliamentary groups is to our disadvantage. On the other hand, if anyone were to exhibit openness, understanding and were to participate in this debate we believe we could win more votes than the arithmetical calculus shows,” the Liberal stated.


Ludovic Orban: “Including other issues not ruled out”


PNL First Vice President Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday that PNL will file the no-confidence motion on June 5, the motion set to be read most likely next week and debated a week from then.

“The filing will take place on the 5th, the joint Permanent Bureau that have to decide the timetable of the no-confidence motion will most likely meet on Monday, June 8, and then we will know for sure when the motion will be read, debated and voted. (…) The reading will most likely take place next week, most likely on Wednesday, and the debate and vote a week from then,” Ludovic Orban explained on RFI.

The Liberal leader stated that “there is openness at the level of MPs, particularly in individual talks, and within PSD and UNPR there is obviously a state of profound discontent with Victor Ponta and the way the government works,” but he does not know whether this discontent “will materialize” in the form of votes in favour of the no-confidence motion.

Ludovic Orban added that the no-confidence motion could also showcase other issues apart from the postal voting one already announced, the motion’s initiators being open to negotiations.

“It’s not ruled out, in case possible political partners want to join this motion by introducing other issues for it. We are open. At any rate, we have a whole list of reasons that would form the basis of this no-confidence motion. We have selected postal voting because we considered it the most important since it has to do with fundamental human rights,” the PNL First Vice President concluded.


Victor Ponta: “June 5 is Friday and I fear they won’t file it”


Premier Victor Ponta stated he doubts the fact that the Opposition will file the no-confidence motion against the government he leads on June 5. “It (the no-confidence motion – editor’s note) gives me great nervousness, because June 5 is Friday and I fear they won’t file it. I haven’t seen anything. If they want to file it they should file it. There’s nothing wrong with that. The no-confidence motion is an instrument of the Opposition. Beyond that however… I keep hearing about this no-confidence motion since December. They keep working on this no-confidence motion since December. It’s like in “Waiting for Godot.” Let it finally come and let us get rid of this concern on June 5,” PSD President Ponta stated on Monday on Romania TV.

At the same time, he pointed out he does not believe the Ponta Government “is irreplaceable” but that he would want the future government to be better.

“I would like our government to be replaced by a better one in 2016 or when the time comes. If a recapped Boc Government is the one to follow, it means we really are senseless, I mean reverting back to something that was bad for us. It should be something better, you know the natural trend. This was a government that did so much, a better one follows. Will we return to a Boc Government, just one without Boc? I hope that won’t happen. (…) Maybe Mrs. Gorghiu comes, who knows,” the Premier added.



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