Senator Sebastian Grapa quits PNL

Sebastian Grapa, Chair of the Senate Regulation Committee and so far President of PNL Brasov, has quit the Liberal Party to join UNPR and will operate as a member of PSD’s political group. Grapa said his reason was quote simple – in PNL, he would have had a grey political future, on the other hand, in UNPR, the future looks ‘very serene’, according to hotnews.ro.

‘I first of all mean my political future and then the future of the people I represent. I have nothing to do with the future of the country, I think the future of the country is the sum of decisions made by several people, not just one. As far as I am concerned, there are wounds that do not heal, all this merger did was to diminish PNL, even if now there are opinions starting with the digit 4 or 3’, Grapa said.

‘All the decisions PNL is making are made using a bleaching agent that doesn’t go with coloured laundry. The way I know it is that when you want to do the laundry, you use bleaching for the whites. We, on the other hand, use the bleaching for just about everything and then things go crazy. PNL was a heterogeneous party, it was a pastel of characters. If you use bleaching agent everywhere – it’s true that there is also some dirty laundry in there – you ruin everything’, said the senator. He also said that ‘it all started from the merger. From decisions that are against the long-standing members of the party, from the exacerbated wish to have a justice system that can be called anything else but justice’.

As for the fact that the ideologies of PNL and UNPR are opposed, Sebastian Grapa said that ‘the best moment for PNL was in USL’, and that it can no longer be about ideologies.


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