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October 16, 2021

UNJR asks President Iohannis to convene CSAT to check SRI involvement in justice

The National Union of Romania’s Judges (UNJR) has asked President Klaus Iohannis in a letter to convene the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) to check all decisions under which the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) gets involved in justice and to rescind all such decisions running contrary to the Constitution and other laws, according to a press statement released by UNJR on Wednesday.

The judges also ask the president to check all the activities of SRI in the area of the judiciary and take all the necessary measures to restore legality and to make accountable those who have overstepped the confines of the law.

‘The judges’ request comes after SRI General Dumitru Dumbrava said in a recent interview that following a new ?integrated concept’ to fight against corruption, the courts became a ?tactical field’ for SRI where SRI is currently preserving ?an interest/attention’ pending the final resolution of the cases in question. General Dumbrava’s remarks were backed by incumbent SRI Director Eduard Hellvig, who says the SRI follows corruption cases to make sure there are no longer persons, as it used to be in the past, judges or prosecutors who somewhere on their road forgot they were serving the Romanian state and resorted to other preoccupations than serving the state. The judges believe that by such involvement in the judiciary, SRI oversteps its powers while violating the Constitution and the laws of the land, thus discrediting the entire judiciary,’ reads the UNJR statement.

In UNJR’s opinion, the effects of such action are devastating, Agerpres informs.

‘As well as endangering the independence of judges by the pressure put on them to bear, confidence in the judiciary is seriously damaged. Each acquittal will be greeted with suspicions over the judges being corrupted and each sentencing will be greeted by suspicion of the effects of obvert and obscure pressure of the secret services,’ reads the statement.

UNJR resumes its public call to Romania’s decision makers for a clarification of the SRI’s influence over justice.

‘All of Romania’s citizens deserve, 25 years after the fall of communism, to be sure that if they get to a courthouse they will enjoy fair trial where the judge’s decision is backed by evidence and according to the law, instead of the result of pressure from some secret service,’ says UNJR.

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