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January 28, 2023

Aurescu dismisses as ‘ridiculous’ allegations about Romania analysing intervention in Transnistria

Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu deems “profoundly ridiculous” the information broadcast by a Russian television station according to which Romania was analysing the possibility of a military intervention in Transnistria.

Aurescu stated on Thursday that continuing efforts to solve the Transnistrian case in the 5+2 format was very important, and that it was the “only format that can bring about a complete solution”.

“There is need, however, for continuing substantive discussions, on the (…) third basket of the Transnistrian case and for a comprehensive approach that would take into account several dimensions: from the military and security [dimension], to the economic, social and reconciliation [dimension], to the political, to the constitutional-type arrangements that would lead to a durable solution. And, if we are speaking of the military and security dimension, I am drawing the attention also to the challenges that may appear, such as, for example, the one yesterday, when a station of the Russian Army announced that Romania was analysing the possibility of intervening militarily in Transnistria. I can say only what is obvious, namely that such a statement is profoundly ridiculous,” said Aurescu, during a debate organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) to celebrate 40 years since the signing of the Helsinki Final Act.

Aurescu also expressed preoccupation for the substantial recrudescence in eastern Ukraine, showing that it represented “a serious breach” of the Minsk Agreements.

The head of Romanian diplomacy called for an immediate stop of Minsk Agreements infringements, noting, on the other hand, that while 40 years since the Helsinki Final Act were celebrated, the fundamental principles of the document were being breached.

“Unfortunately, while we are celebrating 40 years since the adoption of the Final Act, its fundamental principles – especially sovereignty, territorial integrity, a ban on the use of force or threat of force – are being flagrantly breached in the conflict that is on-going in Ukraine, but also in the situation of the drawn out conflicts in the Black Sea space,” said the minister.

He reminded that the OSCE has recently assumed “a key role” in the efforts to solve the conflict in Ukraine, but he voiced his concern regarding the “destabilizing impact” of the crisis in this country on other states in the organization, faced with prolonged conflicts – especially the Republic of Moldova.

“As is the case of the Republic of Moldova and Georgia, the presence of foreign troops and armaments on the territory of Ukraine without the explicit consent of the host country is absolutely unacceptable, contrary to international law principles and to the commitments assumed within the organization,” Aurescu added, according to Agerpres.


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