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January 29, 2022

Ex-Finance Minister Darius Valcov concerned in new judicial case

The Anticorruption prosecutors have opened a new case against Darius Valcov. The ex-minister is suspected of influence peddling in connection with the award of public contracts. In exchange for his services, the ex-Minister of Finance and ex-Mayor of Slatina would charge a commission of 10% of the contract price.

Darius Valcov was at the National Anticorruption department on Wednesday to be informed on the latest charges brought against him.

Darius Valcov was referred to Court under arrest in the Stolen Paintings case on charges of influence peddling, money laundering and performance of financial operations as acts of trade incompatible with his position, function or post, or financial transactions using information obtained by virtue of one’s position.

According to the prosecutors, from 2011 until the date when he was detained, Darius Valcov performed financial operations or acts of trade incompatible with his position as a mayor, senator and minister. Valcov allegedly used information obtained while in his three positions for supporting a cadastre company, an accounting company and a law firm he owned and managed through other people.

The ex-minister is also investigated in an influence peddling case after helping a certain businessman obtain public contracts in exchange for 20% of the price of the contracts, as a mayor.

Darius Valcov has been under arrest since 2 April.




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