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December 1, 2021

Ex-president Traian Basescu: ‘If I had the percentages Iohannis has today, I would be riding them’

As he was leaving the People’s Movement Party (PMP) building on Tuesday, Traian Basescu said the Social-Liberal Union (USL) was still alive and seeking to destroy justice. On the assertions of Prime-Minister Victor Ponta on the Referendum case, Traian Basescu stressed that ‘there is only comment regarding that: the coup is being continued with its finality – the silencing of justice by USL. USL is alive! I see Iohannis’ inactivity and Tariceanu and Ponta’s activity’.

On PSD and PNL, the former president pointed out they had no more to say from a political point of view, because politicians were not interested in dealing with crucial issues such as the vote in the Diaspora. Basescu stressed that, if he was in the place of President Klaus Iohannis, he wouldn’t let them get away with that so easily.

‘Nether PSD nor PNL has anything more to say to Romania. Just look how they are trashing two essential things: the referendum and look what’s becoming of their promise to do what it takes for the Diaspora to be able to vote. Neither PSD nor PNL wants the Diaspora to vote freely. The president could blame them publicly if they don’t hear reason. If I had the percentages Iohannis has, I would be riding them’, Basescu also said.

On what the lawyer Adrian Toni Neacsu said about justice, Basescu said he was impudently lying, stressing that it was a good thing for justice that Neacsu was no longer a member of CSM.

‘I had an enormous volume of complaints from CSM on how the Codes had been written. Whenever it was not consulted, CSM was reacting. I believe Mr. Neacsu is making some formidable confusions. The president and CSM have an institutional relationship. How can Mr. Neacsu, who was on CSM, claim the president-CSM cooperation was illegal? Thank God a person like Neacsu is no longer a member of CSM. I believe that even corruption instances are different. If the person was caught red handed, how can you not arrest him? If we talk about denunciations or delations for facts that happened five or six years ago, this is what the arrest means: you stay in until you admit. I disapprove of changing the Codes. We need these Codes to operate for one, two, three years to see what needs to be revised on the substance. The essential thing is for the judge to be independent, because what happened for a long time since the beginning of the year – what never happened during my term at that level – is not all right. Depositions are removed from files, they are given to the press, so that the person who appears before the Court doesn’t stand a chance’, Basescu said at the PMP headquarters.


‘I disapprove of changing the Codes. We need to let them operate for 2-3 years’


As for the request made by a group of senators, including the Speaker of the Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, to dismiss the President of the High Court, Livia Stanciu, and the head of DNA, Laura Codruta Kovesi, Basescu said: ‘Calin Popescu Tariceanu is the exponent of the informant Voiculescu and Ponta. Do you think Voiculescu is represented by one person, by just one politician? I think both Livia Stanciu and Kovesi should complete their terms because this is what the law says and I hope the same applies to a mayor. A mayor who is charged with abuse of power should be treated in the same way’.

Basescu also said he disapproved of changing the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, which would make the enforcement of such custodial measures more difficult. The statements were made by the former president who had repeatedly spoken against abusive preventive arrest.

‘I do not agree with changing the Codes, although the abuse of power as well as other notions should be more clearly defined. We need them to operate for 2-3 years, to see what needs to be revised on the substance. The essential thing all this time if for the judge to be independent of all influence or fear the prosecutors, political pressure, because what has happened in the last six months, things that did not happen during my term, is not all right’, the ex-president explained.





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