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September 20, 2020

Gabriel Berca, Florin Secara and Tudor Ciuhodaru, champions of political migration in Romania

Gabriel Berca (UNPR), Florin Secară (PNL) and Tudor Ciuhodaru (UNPR) are in top three positions in the standing of political migrants in this country. Each of them has managed to be in four or even five different political parties in a record time, according to ‘Adevarul’ daily.

With his recent decision to join UNPR, party in the ruling coalition alongside PSDS – Gabriel Berca has set a new record in politics – he is one of the politicians who have been through the highest number of parties with completely different philosophies and political doctrines. He has been a member of five political parties so far – ApR, PNL, PDL, PMP and now UNPR. ‘It

Is a risk I took. Where people are not of good quality, ideology disappears. Look how many ex-PSD people are now in PNL and dictate. The fact that I have been with several parties doesn’t make me less credible than those who are under criminal investigation or with the same party for 20 years. I prefer to be a migrant than a thief’, explained the ex-interior minister.

In just two years of parliamentary term, Florin Secara tried on four different parties – PDL, PMP and now UNPR.

Doctor Tudor Ciuhodaru is also at his forth political party, but during two terms in Parliament. He left PSD for PC, then joined PPDD and now is a member of UNPR.

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