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October 21, 2021

German Defence Minister visits Romania: In Berlin, we are aware of the strategic importance of the Black Sea region

Romania’s Defence Minister Mircea Dusa on Thursday welcomed visiting German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, occasion on which he said the crisis in Ukraine should be solved by means of a dialogue.

Dusa pointed out that both Romania and Germany see the reassurance measures on the eastern flank of NATO and the EU established by the NATO Summit of Wales as aimed at the permanent presence on the eastern flank of NATO troops on a rotational basis and the achievement of the two military commands that are to operate in Romania.

He also said he received confirmation from von der Leyen that German troops will be in the composition of the command for the force integration unit and the multinational division command.

“We discussed many aspects of the bilateral relationship between our two defence ministries and also the incoming meeting of the European Council late this month devoted to defence. We underscored the importance of new EU security policies and the Eastern partnership of the EU, as well as the fact that Romania is supporting the Euro-Atlantic bids of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and other European countries,” said Dusa, according to Agerpres.

In her turn, von der Leyen said there are major concerns over the effects in Ukraine of the Russian politics.

“In Berlin, we are aware of the strategic importance of the Black Sea region. We have common points for the future path. We have jointly realised that there is no other solution for the conflict in Ukraine than a peaceful one. Ukraine is being called upon to decide on its own the path it wants to travel. That is why we noticed together that the decisions at NATO and EU levels are thought to be urgently implemented. We are talking about defensive measures that will also prove our common unity,” said von der Leyen.

She added that German and Romanian troops are taking part together in joint exercises off the Black Sea, which is proof to the quality of their bilateral relationship.

Von der Leyen congratulated Dusa on his quick implementation of the decisions of the NATO summit meeting in Wales related to the establishment of the two NATO commands in Romania, adding that Germany is ready to lend support to dispatch troops to the two commands.

Other issues discussed by the two ministers related to the framework nations concept, which means the union of NATO nations that want to develop together capabilities for the future related to navy and tactical air defence as well as cybersecurity and the new European security strategy.


Dusa: Romanian airspace sees reassurance missions carried out around the clock


Minister of National Defence Mircea Dusa has stated on Thursday that the reassurance measures of Romania also target the airspace, and as such, air policing missions are carried out “around the clock” and almost every day sees the presence of a NATO AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) airplane monitoring the airspace.

“At the moment in Romania there are F-16 airplanes from Portugal that throughout May – June ensure, together with us, air policing missions; this service is organized around the clock and is executed in accordance with NATO standards and requirements”, said Mircea Dusa in a press conference on the occasion of the visit to Bucharest of his German counterpart, Ursula von der Leyen.

The Minister mentioned that the air policing missions were executed this year and in past years by the Romanian Air Forces in collaboration with NATO partners.

Asked by German journalists if Romania would like to have other measures of support and reassurance in the airspace, such as measures regarding rapid air transport from one area to another, the Romanian Defence Minister said that “in regards to strategic transport, Romania is endowed with distinguished capabilities”.

“We have in our endowment four military planes fit for long-haul trips, another seven planes for medium-range trips and the necessary aircraft for short distance trips. At this moment we have available a distinguished capability for tactical transport, cargo and troops, thusly we do not need to appeal to the support of other nations. At the same time, within NATO we have the cooperation in Papa [e.n. – airbase in Hungary] through which we ensure transport in the conditions negotiated at the beginning of this program towards the theaters of operations, especially to the theaters in Afghanistan”, Dusa said.

In this context, the Defence Minister emphasized that it is “important” for all technical capabilities be pooled and used as efficiently as possible.


President Iohannis, German Defence Minister, satisfied with excellent level of bilateral relations


Romanian President Klaus Iohannis received Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, Defence Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, at the Presidential Palace, the Presidential Administration informs. The German Defence Minister is paying an official visit to Romania at the invitation of her Romanian counterpart.

The Romanian President and the German Defence Minister expressed their satisfaction with the excellent level of Romanian-German relations, including at the level of defence ministries and reiterated their mutual interest to deepen the relations both bilaterally and within the frameworks of the European Union and North Atlantic Alliance, especially in the current European and international context.

The two officials also exchanged opinions about current issues on the EU agenda, with the stress being laid on developments in the eastern neighbourhood. Both sides expressed their preoccupation with the situation in Ukraine, underscoring the need for the Minsk agreements to be implemented and the special importance of unity of action at EU level in the efforts meant to resolve this crisis.


PM Ponta welcomes German Defence Minister von der Leyen


Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Thursday welcomed at the Government House a delegation headed by Germany’s Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, who was on an official visit to Romania at the invitation of her Romanian counterpart Mircea Dusa.

The Government reports in a press statement that Ponta conveyed his appreciation for the strategic relationship between Romania and Germany in political, military and economic areas, as well as for support to the Romanian Armed Forces and their improvement of operation, interoperability and training.

In her turn, the German minister hailed the excellent political and military dialogue between the two countries aimed at consolidating and paving the way for new opportunities for bilateral cooperation and cooperation inside NATO and the EU.

Ponta introduced the priorities of the Romanian Government in the areas of security and defence, the consolidation of the public defence spending and the way in which Romania will implement its NATO commitments.

He underscored that Romania wants to actively contribute to NATO initiatives that support security in its zone.

Also discussed at the meeting were the latest security developments in the current regional context.

‘The officials also discussed the way in which the European Union member states could display solidarity and support the modernisation efforts of the countries in its eastern neighbourhood, particularly Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia,’ the Government says.


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