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February 25, 2021

Lower Chamber MPs decide: mayors under preventive arrest keep term in office

Mayors that are under preventive arrest for more than 90 days will not lose their term in office, Lower Chamber MPs decided on Wednesday. The MPs unanimously rejected a draft law that stipulated that mayors that are under preventive arrest for more than three months will lose their terms in office. The Lower Chamber is the first Chamber notified and a final decision will be adopted by the Senate.

“I know there was a law and the commission’s report (to reject it – editor’s note) was unanimously adopted. I only pay attention to details when there are disputes, when the vote is unanimous I don’t think that everyone is in the wrong and I know better,” stated PSD Lower Chamber MP Victor Ponta, who took part in the voting.

The draft law stipulated the modification of the local public administration law so that a mayor’s term in office would legally end when the mayor is under preventive arrest for more than 90 days or when the mayor has to serve an imprisonment sentence.

The current law stipulates that a mayor’s term in office legally ceases if he finds himself unable to exercise his prerogatives for over six months per year due to certified illness but also if he fails to exercise his prerogatives without justification for 45 consecutive days.


Ponta about vote on mayors’ law: The committee report passed by unanimous vote


Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday said that generally, when he casts a vote in the Chamber of Deputies without having further details about the draft law in question, he follows the reports of the committees, adding that the draft law on mayors losing tenure the committee report passed by unanimous vote.

‘I know there was a law regarding mayors and a unanimous vote on the committee report. I guess the other 304 MPs knew exactly what it was about when they voted as they did; generally, if I have no further details I respect the vote and the committee report especially when there is a unanimous vote; I only look for further details when there are disputes. When there is a unanimous vote I think all could not be wrong while me and you are right,’ Ponta said at Parliament Palace in reply to how he voted on the draft law concerning the loss of office tenure by mayors in certain instances.



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