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January 19, 2022

Scandal at Tender Carom trial

Businessman Marian Iancu (photo) was involved in tense scenes at the Tender-Carom trial on Thursday. The court meeting was interrupted in order for him to be taken out of the courtroom. Iancu addressed the court in order to argue in favour of two requests for recusal, one concerning the panel of judges and the other concerning the prosecutor. The panel of judges disagreed with his requests. That angered Marian Iancu who reminded the presiding judge that he had filed a criminal complaint against him for malfeasance in office. After he was unsuccessfully asked to remain calm, the judge ordered a recess in order for Marian Iancu to be taken out of the courtroom.

After talks between the businessman and the guards from the National Penitentiary Administration, Iancu agreed to be handcuffed and taken out of the courtroom. Marian Iancu was sentenced in the case concerning the Rafo Onesti company. The trial resumed after the tense moment.

The charges against Ovidiu Tender will expire by prescription on June 9 and it seems this is the main reason behind the row generated by the former owner of Politehnica Timisoara FC, according to stiripesurse.ro. Ovidiu Tender was arraigned in this case in 2006, the indictment being authored by former DIICOT Director Alina Bica. The latter is under arrest in the case concerning the payment of damages for a plot of land whose value was overestimated.

Tender admitted to being nervous. “The trial is advancing very fast. Of course I am nervous. I hope I will be acquitted because I’m innocent,” he said.

Tender is accused of illegally taking over Carom S.A. Onesti alongside Marian Iancu and of causing a damage of ROL 1,400 bln, a level established in 2003.

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