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October 25, 2021

Independent MP proposes: Seizing of wealth and lifetime prison for corrupt politicians

An independent Member of the Parliament proposes that corrupt politicians be sentenced to lifetime prison. Bogdan Diaconu has submitted to the Chamber of Deputies a draft law that would grant harsher punishments for corruption. Besides lifetime prison, corrupt politicians will also work in the service of community and their wealth would be seized.

The new draft law changing Criminal Codes suggests more severe punishment for corrupt politicians and the reduction of the bribe or prejudice limit for a person to be investigated on corruption crimes from EUR 1 million to EUR 100,000.

“Our draft law stipulates lifetime prison for grand corruption crimes. The law stipulates the complete and extended seizing of wealth”, independent Deputy Bogdan Diaconu declared.

According to the same draft law, corruption crimes are not prescribed.

Some of the Members of the Parliament from PSD think that the independent Deputy is using this proposition to advertise himself. And they also say that lifetime prison is much a too harsh punishment.

“We must see the huge difference between populism and what being a European country really requires”, PSD Deputy Cosmin Necula declared.

“Prison should also have an educational role, to help that person and to give him back to society as a potentially useful element. Because, if you destroy him mentally and sentence him to lifetime prison, you might affect not just that person, but also his entire family”, PSD Deputy Ciprian Nica declared.

An UNPR Member of the Parliament noted that the state would spend too much by keeping corrupt politicians in lifetime jail.

“You have to have conditions, you have to have cells, you have to feed them and grant them normal living. It is much more important to recover the prejudice; it is much more important than keeping people in prison”, UNPR Deputy Luminita Adam pointed out.

The initiator of the draft law emphasised that persons convicted to jail for corruption would work in the service of the community, to cover the expenses of the state, Digi 24 reports.




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